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Justice Ministry says Socialist-Peasant Party combination illegal

2012/1/28 23:33:45

Peasant Party plan to join Socialist Party illegal, Justice Ministry rules.

KYIV, Jan. 28, 2012 (UBO/Ukrainian News) – The Ministry of Justice has deemed the decision of the Peasant Party congress to join the Socialist Party to be unlawful, the Peasant Party press office said in a written statement.


"The Ministry of Justice has analyzed the situation and arrived at the conclusion that since the Peasant Party congress of October 8, 2011 dismissed Zynoviy Kholodniuk from leading the party, expelled him from the party for destructive actions, then the further decision related to Zynoviy Kholodniuk on disbanding the party and joining the Socialist Party are illegal," the statement said.


The Ministry of Justice has made the decision in response to the petition of 21 regional organizations of the Peasant Party for legitimacy of Kholodniuk's chairing the party, disbanding the party and entering it into the Socialist Party, the statement said.


Earlier the Peasant Party, the Socialist Ukraine Party, the All-Ukrainian Party of Children of War, the Children of War People's Party of Ukraine and the Party of Cossack Glory joined the Socialist Party in late December, 2011.



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