“A Ukrainian biometric passport is the only thing necessary,” Poroshenko emphasizes.

Members of parliament and government agencies in Kyiv have been investigating Trump’s former campaign manager for years. Now, they say, the Feds are getting interested.

Olena Anatolyevna Antonova (UkrainianОлена Анатольевна Антонова; born 16 June 1972) is a Ukrainian former discus thrower. She was born in Nikopol. [Wikipedia] 

< Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios said Ukraine's economy had "suffered" from the activities of the officials and warned others that this was only the "first wave" of arrests.


“I continue to invoke from the Lord peace for the dear Ukrainian land,” assured Pope Francis at the General Audience of May 24, 2017.

“…soon Belarus may be a place where an angry but unorganized people confronts a frightened and shaky regime.”


Former President Viktor Yanukovych is expected to be called to testify but his appearance appears unlikely


Peas seeded up 67.5% year-on-year 



Photo: Nikolai Patrushev – viewing with alarm


I cannot help but think that Brian Whitmore’s job coming up with topics for the Daily Vertical is just too easy, an absolute definition of a “no brainer”. All he must do is wait for one of the top dogs in Putlandia to come up with the latest example of blatant hypocrisy and then proceed to call it just what it is. For example, today Whitmore called out National Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, one of the most powerful figures in Vladimir Putin's inner circle, who called for the international community to unite to "create a safe global information environment." You heard it right; one of those most guilty of assuring that the global information environment is utterly polluted wants to lead the clean-up. As Whitmore so often points out in his daily commentaries, “you just can’t make this stuff up.”


Analyst: “Kutovyi’s resignation may allow the prime minister to put a more loyal person in the post and push his own version of land reform, thus increasing the chance of its approval.”


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