Analyst: “So far, the NBU’s projections are based on the assumption that Ukraine will secure the next IMF loan tranche of around USD 1.9 bln by the end of 2018.”


Ferrexpo bucks trend with 5.1% gain on the LSE


'EU NEIGHBOURS east’ has picked out a selection of exclusive new opportunities for citizens of the Eastern Neighbourhood countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

From Bloomberg Quint: Asia Stocks Climb as Yuan Losses Ease; Dollar Dips: Markets Wrap

Analyst: “We continue to expect Metinvest’s monthly EBITDA to be close to, or exceed, the USD 200 mln level well into 2018 due to strong iron ore and steel prices globally.”



It is incumbent on any participant in the Liturgy – regardless of denominational confession – to give assent to the fact that Christ’s sacrifice is offered not for one small group of select individuals, not a specific body of human beings, but for the sins of whole world.


Good news on the LSE where Ferrexpo and Regal Petroleum racked up solid gains

UBO: We used to think that George W. Bush was the most ill-informed U.S. president but recent Trump actions and statements certainly lend luster to Bush’s star. Trump has been charging Montenegrins as being “very aggressive” and able to “start WWIII.” Now let’s add a few facts and opinions to that. First, it is our opinion that if you lived next door to the Serbians, who have long-considered they have a divine right to dominate Montenegro, you too would be very aggressive as the only way to assure your hard-won independence. Moreover, you might want to take in to consideration that Montenegro actively supported the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan from 2010 to end 2014 and is now supporting the follow-on mission to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces. Is that enough for you, Mr. Trump?

Photo: British financier and rights activist William Browder



UBO: In light of President Trump’s abysmal performance during the Helsinki summit meeting it should come as no surprise that Russia might move to immediately pursue its aggression against Ukraine even further. We are aware of persistent reports suggesting that the next major target is Mariupol, which would probably be a big step toward forming an overland route from southern Russia to occupied Crimea. Will Trump have the guts to provide serious support to help Ukraine and its European allies foil such an attempt? That was always in doubt, now more than ever.



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