Evanston IL—CCN correspondent Eric Eissler covered a lecture at Northwestern University by Marie Wieck, IBM General Manager, Blockchain. Wieck covered the industry, the history of blockchain and talked about IBM’s Hyperledger project and how to tackle the challenges of digitization such as food-chain supply safety and digital identity. 


UGCC Patriarch Sviatoslav speaks about the threats posed by extreme nationalism and about the chances that a dialogue can create, as well as about the good, though sometimes painful relations with Poland, Russia and the Orthodox Church, and about everything that hinders the full cooperation between Eastern and Western Catholics.


The entire crypto market is down 16% this week as trade volumes fall and FUD becomes pervasive.

With Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple on the rise, are cryptocurrencies the new form of cold, hard cash? Experts weigh in the pros and cons.



Analyst: “…the steelmaker's desire might stem from the possible need of its majority owner, Ukraine’s SCM group, to be able to pay as much as USD 820.6 mln in a possible award in relation to a legal dispute over SCM’s acquisition of Ukrtelecom (UTLM UK).


In recognizing such concerns among its own clients who were starting to use blockchain technology, PwC was motivated to develop its new solution. 


Analyst: “This long-awaited appointment boosts Ukraine’s international image and puts Ukraine closer to a new loan deal with the IMF, which can only be signed by a permanently appointed NBU head.”


Photo: Yakiv Smoliy, new Governor of National Bank of Ukraine


Most Russians believe their elections are unfair, but they don't care. Very few Russians believe elections are a realistic means of changing anything. Polls show that Russians generally favor "reform" but only when the concept is expressed vaguely.

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin watches honor guards pass as he attends a wreath-laying ceremony to mark the Defender of the Fatherland Day at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by the Kremlin wall in central Moscow in February 2016.

The timing of Thiel’s prediction for bitcoin as a hedge for Armageddon was furtuitous after just a few days ago the hatch on a cargo plane in Russia somehow opened and spilled three tons of physical gold bars worth a reported USD 378 million onto a runway in Russia. Perhaps the universe is trying to say something.


Photo: Peter Thiel 

On this anniversary, most Russian commentators, of course, are focusing on Lenin’s desire to put his government beyond the reach of German forces. As the Muscovite state approaches its pseudo-elections, the historiosophical meaning of the transfer of capitals may be more important.



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