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Cameron: We won’t start World War Three over Ukraine
Malaysian prime minister: stop fighting in Ukraine
Ukraine conflict could cost Russia nearly $1 Billion
Klimkin: Kremlin should ‘take back … mercenaries’ driving the Ukraine war”
Russian radio interception: ‘Ukrainians fight better, it’s a full-fledged army’
EU’s Russian funds should go to Ukraine — Eliseyev
Russian terrorists are using ambulances for transport of personnel, arms and ammunition
Minsk residents demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine
Russia continuing build-up on Ukraine border, increasing support of rebels
South Africa’s Primate: “Pray for Gaza and Ukraine”


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August 1, 2014

"We are not about to launch a European war, we are not about to send the fleet to the Black Sea, we are not looking for a military confrontation, but what we should do is use the economic power that we have," Cameron said.



"We ask there be an immediate cessation of hostilities in and around the crash site by both Ukrainian and separatist forces," Razak said. "We ask that all sides respect the lives lost and the integrity of the crash site so that the investigation may proceed."

Putin urges defense ministry to wean itself off foreign suppliers


In a Washington appearance at the Atlantic Council, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin noted Russia's instigation of prolonged insurgencies, or "frozen conflicts," on the territories of its neighboring states -- including Georgia, Moldova and now Ukraine -- as a tactic to pressure those governments into accepting Russian domination. “There is no way … we [will] let Donetsk and Lugansk become another frozen conflict," he said.



Their tactics have also noticeably changed: there are increasinly fewer madmen willing to make forays against our forces. The inevitable consequence of this is that the Russians are sending into Ukraine ever great numbers of military hardware and manpower, which consists, in roughly equal shares, of Russian military staff and mercenaries who were supposed to turn things around awhile ago. However, so far they havebeing beaten back and keep retreating.


Commenting on the decision to approve sanctions against Russia, the Ukrainian diplomat said that decision “was a turning point in EU’s perception of Russia’s provocative and unacceptable conduct towards Ukraine.”


In addition to this military equipment, the detainees were carrying video equipment (video recorder, camcorder, camera). Also found during the preliminary inspection of personal belongings was symbolism from the DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] and other documents that are relevant to the DNR. Authorized officials are currently working with the detainees.


Additionally, many residents of Belarus are going beyond purely peaceful means of expressing their solidarity with Ukrainians. According to, they have created a special unit called “Pahonia” that has arrived in Ukraine, completed combat training, and is now taking part in the antiterrorist operations in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The news outlet also states that many Belarusians are fighting in other volunteer units in Ukraine, including in the Donbas battalion.


 We do continue to see advanced weapons systems moving across the border being provided to the separatists, to include multiple rocket launch systems, artillery systems, tanks, and air defense systems.”

Archbishop Makgoba also bemoaned the blowing up of a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine. “The aggressive killing of God’s people – so soon after the disappearance of another over the Indian Ocean – is almost unpardonable,” he said.


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