Igor Guzhva, the owner of the Strana.ua Russian-language news portal, said that the searches were conducted over a fabricated case


The purpose of this Strategy is to unite and strengthen the efforts of Churches and religious organizations of Ukraine in implementing a nationwide response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.


“…in today’s information society, “everything secret sooner or later becomes known.” And that means that Putin’s regime “which is based on lies is condemned” as a result.

The Moscow-based Memorial Human Rights Center has deemed Ahtem Chiygoz [pictured] a political prisoner. 


Photo: Monument of Soviet troops at the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw


Visa-free travel and a new trade accord strengthen Ukraine’s bonds to Europe.

Analyst: “Rather than striving for genuine rule of law and equality before the law, Poroshenko and his team are maintaining a system of selective prosecution and intimidation, particularly of rivals.”

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis: “The United States stands with you, we support you in the face of threats to sovereignty, to international law or to the international order.”


Ukrainian dance troupe Light Balance performed in the dark with neon lights on their clothing that flashed to the beat of the music. Host Tyra Banks pressed her “Golden Buzzer,” sending them straight to the live rounds.

A Belarus state-owned enterprise subsidiary has reportedly won a contract to provide repairs of a section of the H-16 motorway Zolotonosha-Cherkasy-Smila-Uman.


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