The purchase and transport of 700,000 tons of mostly Pennsylvania coal to Ukraine is seen as a lifeline for a U.S. presidential administration desperate for positive news in the face of its health care legislation defeat and failure to move on any other legislative front.


It is believed that the SVR and the FSB will merge together to create an intelligence monolith reminiscent of the KGB. Although it is still in its planning stages, the Ministry of State Security which was a ministry with the same namesake under Joseph Stalin, will employ up to 250,000 people.



Analyst: “All this leads us to maintain our bullish view on OSCHAD, EXIMUK and PUMBUZ notes.”


Russia has been losing influence on the culture of Ukraine since 1991 when Ukraine achieved its independence, but the process accelerated following the collapse of the pro-Moscow regime of Viktor Yanukovych and Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and its continuing war in the Donbas.


“The market is clearly saying it thinks that the statements from Trump and the North Koreans are just rhetoric, and that there are no realistic military options/outcomes. So traders are clearly sleeping peacefully in their beds even if the residents of Seoul or Guam may not be so comfortable,” says Tim Ash of Bluebay Asset Management.


Ukraine's national postal service has suffered a 48-hour-long DDoS attack to its website

The main distinction of the Russian from the Belarusian,” the commentator says, “is the powerful emotionalism” of the former and are often manifested in “maximalism and extreme judgments.” The Belarusian in contrast is “the opposite of the Russian: he is pragmatic, quiet and doesn’t like extreme ideas or actions.”

Analyst: “Sooner or later, Putin will have to decide whether to withdraw from Donbas, or mount an offensive. Hrymchak’s estimate of November for such an offensive is entirely possible, but we give the odds at no better than 50/50.”

The Roman Catholic parish in Staryj Sambir dates back to the 15th century; at that time there was a wooden temple in the city, which later burned to ashes.


Astarta (AST PW, +1.2%) was the only major bright spot, pulling the WIG Ukraine index into positive territory

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