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Rasmussen statement after extraordinary NATO-Ukraine Commission meeting
Putin appears content to pave the road to Novorossiya with dead Ukrainians
NCSEJ Weekly News Update
Has Merkel's Russia policy failed?
Outlook for strong Western response to Russian invasion of Ukraine clouded
Hockey star Alex Ovechkin takes Putin’s side in the Ukraine war
West looks divided in tackling Russian invasion in Ukraine
Ukraine ambassador begs for troops to counter Russian invasion
Russian invasion in Ukraine: The Kremlin has revealed its cards
Ukraine: "Full-scale invasion" by Russia is under way


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The meeting was held at Ukraine’s request following the serious escalation of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. 


By proclaiming his support for Novorossiya, the old imperial name for eastern and southern Ukraine, Putin signals he won’t back away from the fight. This leads to the inescapable conclusion that Ukraine must find new and more extreme ways to bring this battle home to those in Russia who support the dreams of their egomaniacal leader.


NCSEJ Weekly News Update 2014/8/29 21:56:05

The National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry says “these are frightening times for Ukraine's Jews, and all Ukrainian citizens. While most Jews have fled the cities under siege, those who are infirm and elderly remain.”

The obvious and undeniable answer to the question is yes! We’re not sure where Merkel ever got the idea that tossing bloody meat to a raging lion was a good idea, but that’s exactly what she did when she told German ARD public television in her traditional summer interview, "I want to find a way that doesn't harm Russia.” Where was her concern for the thousands of Ukrainians killed – on their own territory – by Russian mercenaries supported and paid by the Putin regime? One previous German chancellor is already on the Russian payroll. Perhaps another is angling for a similar cushy deal?


The possibilities appear to be increasing that United States and European claims of support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity are on the verge of being shown to be weak to the point of being meaningless.



 So it's safe to say that Ovie thinks the Ukrainian government are fascists, and that Putin is saving the children from them. This is the Russian government line and a common view within Russia itself, where Russian media has been hammering it endlessly, creating a parallel universe reality in which Ukrainians are crying out to be liberated by Putin.


Even as the UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss the reported entry of Russian troops in Ukraine, the immediate reactions from the West points to an absence of a concerted approach.

Currently, Britain is holding the presidency of the Security Council. According to British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, Russia has to explain why it has its troops inside Ukraine, reported AsiaOne.

The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, confirmed that Russian troops entered his country and is helping separatists. The Russian troops took over the border town of Novoazovsk.

Canada is calling on Putin and Russia to immediately halt its attack on Ukraine, respect that country’s sovereignty, pull back Russian forces and end the flow of arms across the border.“There must be repercussions for this blatant act of aggression. Canada stands ready with its international partners to take further measures to isolate the Putin regime,” Baird added.

"Russia is trying to cut out a land corridor to Crimea. It is necessary in order to attach Crimea firmly to Russia, since ships and planes do not provide for a very reliable link. I cannot tell, though, if that is a genuine offensive or merely a distraction. Usually what we see are so-called demonstrations, while the true offensive can be directed at Kyiv, for all we know. No one can know, except Russia's general staff. But this direction [to Mariupol] makes perfect sense - it would connect Crimea to Russia by land," Rakutis tells DELFI.

NATO released satellite images which it says show Russian self-propelled artillery units moving inside Ukrainian territory.



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