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Putin’s next move – invade eastern Ukraine?
German paper: strip Russia of 2018 World Cup hosting because of MH17 downing
Obama demands Putin clear way for MH17 crash site probe
Ukraine, U.S. leaders lash out at Russia over conditions of access to Flight 17 crash site
HIV research: Cancer drug breakthrough in ''kicking'' disease out of hiding place
Australian PM pro-active in seeking return of bodies and blaming Russia for delays
MH17 bodies and black boxes released to Malaysians
Ukraine joins N. Korea No-Fly Zone as carriers seek firmer rules
Yalta man could face one-year imprisonment for flying Ukrainian flag
Ukraine and Gaza in Focus Given Sparse Economic Calendar


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July 22, 2014
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Europe has half-colluded in the ludicrous pretence that Russia is a concerned bystander in Ukraine


Russia’s continued support for pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine believed responsible for shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 appears to be spurring interest in denying Russia’s hosting of the 2018 World Cup.



President Says Putin Has 'Direct Responsibility' to Compel Separatist Cooperation.

Mr. Obama called for "immediate and full access to the crash site" and warned Russia that it would face additional sanctions if Mr. Putin doesn't act. He also said the blocking of access to the crash site by pro-Russian separatists "begs the question: What exactly are they trying to hide?"


I don’t see any differences” between 9/11, the Lockerbie bombing and the attack on Flight 17, Poroshenko said.

Such terrorism is a danger to the “whole world” and to “global security,” he said.


In spite of the deaths of over 100 top AIDS researchers and activists aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, shot down by pro-Russian fighters in Ukraine, the world’s major HIV-AIDS meeting in Sydney is moving forward with announcements of important breakthroughs in AIDS treatment.


From the beginning of the MH17 affair, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been one of the leaders making the most forceful statements about the downing and openly accusing Russia of obstruction. He has assigned Australia’s top air force officer to travel to Ukraine to oversee repatriation of the Australian dead as soon as possible


Intense worldwide pressure plus a second Security Council session combine to convince Russia and its Ukrainian front men to release bodies and black boxes to Malaysian authorities


Ukraine is closed now, but apart from that, North Korea is pretty much the only true no-go area for any airline around the world,” said Philip Plantholt of Flightradar24, an aircraft tracking service, adding that the Northeast Asian state was singled out because “no one wants to get caught in a missile testing exercise there.”



The criminal occupation of Crimea by the Russian puppet regime includes jail sentences for displaying a Ukrainian flag

The tensions over the downing of the Malaysian commercial plane over the Ukraine/Russian border last week have yet to subside, with findings from the US and Ukraine seeing the tragedy as a mistake carried out by the pro-Russian separatists with assistance from Russian military personnel. As such, it is likely there will be more European sanctions to be announced against Russia within the next few days, mimicking the latest round by the US that were declared last Thursday


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