Ukrainian powerlifter Mariana Shevchuk has been stripped of her junior world record [file photo]

Analyst: “Parliament needs to approve the legislation during the next two weeks before the summer break, otherwise funding from the IMF and EU will be delayed until at least September.”

A Ukraine men’s 1-2-3 highlight of event at Châteauroux


Kernel and Ferrexpo among top gainers


Photo: Dutch PM Rutte, talking to Lithuanian president Grybauskaite (Photo The Council of the European Union)


An annual NATO-led training exercise has kicked off in western Ukraine near the Polish border. The 16th edition of the Rapid Trident exercise brings together troops from 11 countries, including NATO members such as the United States, Canada, Britain and Turkey. It also includes non-NATO countries in the alliance's Partnership for Peace program, such as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. It will focus on peacekeeping and stability operations. 


“…for the current system of power and governance in the Russian Federation it is impossible to think up a worse trigger for disintegration than the departure of England from the EU.”


Photo: Dmitry Zapolsky

The decisions announced at the summit will be publicly welcomed across the region, despite the fact they are but the first phase in what needs to be a series of future initiatives by the United States and its NATO allies to begin addressing in earnest the core question of the region’s deteriorating security.


Photo: Poland’s expanding defense force includes new tanks and APCs


Whether through poems or novels, essays or opera librettos, Marcel Beyer [in photo] has continually pursued his exploration of language; the author "masters the epic panorama just as well as poetic microscopy," declared the jury of the award.


Poland’s Islamophobia 2016/6/28 17:46:09

In February 2016, a cover of one of the Polish social and political weeklies went viral. On the cover was a half­naked white woman wrapped in an EU flag, defending herself from male hands of a dark complexion. The caption read “Islamic rape of Europe.” 

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