UBO: At the recent G-7 meeting in Canada, U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly demonstrated not only an abysmal ignorance of the reality regarding Russian annexation of Crimea but in the process gave additional credence to questions about his relationship with Vladimir Putin.  In his commentary below on June 14, Paul Goble describes Trump’s illusions about Crimea and the possible disastrous effects of the growing Trump-Putin bromance.


Jehovah's Witnesses have long been viewed with suspicion in Russia for their positions on military service, voting, and government authority in general. This is in stark contrast to Ukraine where Jehovah's Witnesses practice their religion freely without government interference


Fifa said the attendance at Uruguay’s 1-0 win over Egypt was 27,015 in a stadium with a 33,061 capacity. Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Fifa via Getty Images


“Almost all the decline is due to a decrease in the discovery, posting and sharing of news in Facebook,” said lead author Nic Newman, a founding member of the BBC News website.


“Tymoshenko’s poll ratings have consistently improved, particularly at the expense of President Poroshenko. Grytsenko’s ratings also have consistently improved.”

CFTC claims My Big Coin Pay, based in Nevada, misappropriated $6 million from 28 clients by selecting a name that sounds like bitcoin and also claiming the cryptocurrency was backed by gold.


“I invite politicians, said Patriarch Sviatoslav, to joint celebration of jubilees associated with positive memory, to unite us, to help heal wounds and build a better future. Do not turn into hostages of the tragic past. Promote the things that create, not destroy.”


Analyst: “We estimate that Ferrexpo’s June daily pellet production rate should amount to 26-27 kt, a 5-9% mm increase.”


Although Bitcoin is still the lead cryptocurrency for legitimate cyber transactions, cybercriminals are moving to alternative and more profitable currencies, such as Monero, which is used in 44% of all attacks.


Analyst: “As we earlier expected, Gazprom will do its best to postpone the award payment, including such appeals. At the same time, we expect the Russian monopoly will eventually have to pay, but it will try to avoid paying in cash or any other liquid asset.”


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