"Russia shoulders particularly great responsibility in this difficult situation on account of its support for the Syrian army and air force," Steinmeier said in a statement from Berlin.


The Pontiff unharmed, goes on to deliver sermon to adoring crowds celebrating the church’s World Youth Day


Photo: Pope Francis takes a fall during a mass at the Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa, Poland on July 28, 2016. (AFP PHOTO  FILIPPO MONTEFORTE)


Just when you think you’ve heard about the most outrageous conduct possible in a U.S. presidential campaign, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump team up to throw gasoline on an already raging fire to raise questions never before seen – nor even imagined – in a race for the White House. We could be wrong but logic suggests to us Putin’s incorrect action and Trump’s even more over-the-top response will wind up biting them both in the backside.


UBO: “Intensified peace talks” almost certainly mean accelerating Vladimir Putin getting more of what he wants, i.e. a weakened Ukraine and the ability to endlessly meddle in Ukrainian affairs. Ukraine’s independence may depend upon Petro Poroshenko holding fast and making it clear that Ukraine’s future is not negotiable, no matter how convenient accommodating Putin might be for Germany and France. There are tough times ahead and we have to wonder if the current leadership is strong enough to keep Ukraine free and whole.

President Obama on Tuesday said it was “possible” that Russia was trying to influence the U.S. presidential election. 

One bright spot – Agroton improves 3.2% [12.7% over two sessions] and reaches highest level since November 2014

“…the extraordinary scale of Russia’s doping program, with government agents swapping out urine samples through a hole in the wall, required the I.O.C. to take a decisive stand against the corruption of international sport. Instead, the committee opted for a weak, chaotic response whose main effect is to take Russia off the hook.”


Robert Harting: "For me, he is a part of the doping system, not the anti-doping system. I am ashamed of Thomas Bach," the 2012 gold medal winner told news agency SID.


Photo: ISTAF Indoor Leichtathletik Robert Harting 

The Russian weapon is information. Our national values require that we not suppress information in the press, whatever its provenance. The solution is to fight fire with fire: our defense is more information. Protecting all sources and methods, the intelligence community and FBI should tell us who they think hacked and leaked the information. The rest of us can sort out why and whether that will matter on Election Day.


This isolation and declining importance have real consequences, he continues, consequences that those in the regime who increasingly appear to be living in “an alternative reality” are only adding to, driving some Russians to leave the countries and most others at least so far to retire to the couch.


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