New evidence suggests Ukraine needs stronger anti-smoking efforts

2009/9/25 20:12:32
A Ukraine Business Online staff report: KYIV, Sept. 25, 2009 (UBO) – New studies published in a number of respected journals including the Journal of the American College of Cardiology say that second
hand smoke has an even greater effect than previously expected. For Ukraine, where smoking is still a way of life, the new evidence suggests that efforts to curb smoking and related second hand smoke need to be increased. The life expectancy at birth for males in Ukraine [62.37 years] trails behind the world average [64.52 years] and far behind such neighboring states as Poland where the male life expectancy at birth is 71.65 years. There is also a very large difference in life expectancy between Ukrainian males and females with females having an average life expectancy of 74.5 years. Health experts believe the short life expectancy in Ukraine is attributable in large part to the continued high levels of smoking in the male population. The new data developed in two studies by health officials in Europe and North America show that bans on smoking in public places has cut the number of heart attacks by up to a third. This is a much greater effect than the 10 percent decrease that was predicted at the time public place smoking bans were first imposed. “If you are a smoker, the single biggest thing you can do to avoid a heart attack is to give up, which could also protect the heart health of friends and family,” Ellen Mason of the British Heart Foundation said, as reported by BBC News. The main weapons in Ukraine’s efforts to reduce smoking have been strong health warnings in advertising and on cigarette packages. Many Ukrainians argue that health warnings have little or no impact on smokers. However, that opinion is not shared by the World Health Organization (WHO), which sponsors a number of anti-smoking projects including World No Tobacco Day on May 31 of each year. The theme of this year’s No Tobacco Day was on stronger health warnings, including both pictorial and written representations. WHO says these have been proven to motivate smokers to quit and to reduce the appeal of tobacco for those who are not yet addicted. Studies carried out after the implementation of such package warnings in Brazil, Canada, Singapore and Thailand reveal remarkably consistent findings on the positive impact of the warnings. “Health warnings on tobacco packages can be a powerful tool to illuminate the stark reality of tobacco use,” says Dr. Douglas Bettcher, Director of WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative. Reducing smoking is an important part of the initiative but there is also the question of second-hand smoke ingested by non-smokers. Health experts say that second-hand smoke is believed to increase the chances of a heart attack by making the blood more prone to clotting, reducing levels of beneficial cholesterol, and raising the risk of cardiac arrhythmias. Studies conducted by James M. Lightwood PhD and Stanton A. Glantz PhD and published in Circulation magazine concluded, “Passage of strong smoke-free legislation produces rapid and substantial benefits in terms of reduced acute myocardial infarctions, and these benefits grow with time.” Work by Lightwood’s team found heart attack rates across Europe and North America started to drop immediately following implementation of anti-smoking laws, reaching 17 percent after one year, then continuing to decline over time, with a 36 percent drop three years after enacting the restrictions, BBC reported. With a male life expectancy that is below the world average and far behind that for its female population, Ukraine needs to consider what other avenues might be available to deal with smoking and the effects of second hand smoke on non-smokers. [Ukraine Business Online values your opinion and solicits your comments in regard to the information above. To share your views on the issues raised all you need do is to register once in the registration block in the left hand column of this page and then insert your comments in the block provided below this article.]
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"At the beginning of 2012, there were a few episodes when she came down and she had white powder in her nostrils, She considered of Lawson. "She brushed it off and said hello was makeup,

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Lawson [url=]christian louboutin for cheap[/url] told her that when she ran a new book, She needed to stay up overnight, Grillo said.

The former personal assistant told the court that Lawson would have a runny nose for a long time, even just in summer, And that she might mood changes, Going from excellent to "Absent and grumpy,

She also described finding rolled up bank notes with traces of powder in Lawson's handbag and seeing the remnants of cannabis use close to your house.

Grillo said she spoke to Lawson's two youthful children about her cannabis use. They told the former personal assistant that Lawson had sleep problems, So she would go downstairs and smoke with them the idea helped her sleep.

Elisabetta Grillo, In her testimony last week, Also told the court that she had seen suggestions of drug use by Lawson but had never seen her take drugs.

in their own testimony this month, Lawson secured she had taken cocaine half a dozen times, During two periods of her life, And used cannabis a long time ago. But she denied being a unresponsible user, state, "i did not have a drug problem, I had a life dysfunction,

Saatchi had said in an e mail that Lawson had used drugs routine, But in his testimony prior to court last month, He backed off claiming.

within your e mail, Which the defense shared with the court at a [url=]christian louboutin for cheap[/url] pretrial hearing, Saatchi wrote that the two assistants could "get off" Because Lawson was using cocaine and marijuana on a daily basis and "Allowed the sisters to spend whatever they liked,

The two sisters are accused of spending large sums on luxury goods on company bank plastic they were supposed to use for household expenses.

Both siblings deny the fraud charge.

Questioned by the justice about her spending Tuesday, Francesca Grillo insisted that Lawson had approved her expenditures.

She admitted to using dresses, Handbags and shoes from designers this sort of Miu Miu, dean jerrod Louboutin and Gucci. She suggested that other family could have used her card.

Grillo said that Saatchi had shouted, Banged his fists on a table and uncomfortable to "destruct" Her when he arrested her of fraud this summer.

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sahasa Posted: 2015/4/22 11:47 ... loki-tsena-zhitomire.html ... on-tsena-hmelnitskij.html ... oki-tsena-cherkassah.html ... blok-tsena-zaporozhe.html
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 Re: New evidence suggests Ukraine needs stronger anti-smo...