Disfigured ex-Ukrainian president discusses poisoning with dioxin

2018/4/4 0:51:37

Viktor Yushchenko, the former Ukrainian president who was poisoned with a toxic chemical has spoken about the effects and hit out at Russia.
















From The Sun, Apr 2 2018, 


Yushchenko, 64, was poisoned in 2004 when he was campaigning in an election against a Russian-backed candidate Viktor Yanukovych.


Yushchenko said the effects of the poisoning included his head swelling and pus formed all over his body


Yanukovych eventually won the initial vote after Yushchenko became ill while visiting Austria but he was successful after the vote was re-run.


Russian officials claimed the illness was probably caused by bad food and too much alcohol but doctors detected traces of dioxin, which is the toxic chemical used in Agent Orange, in his blood.


They thought the chemical had been placed in his food.


The effects of the chemical distorted his face which was also partially paralysed.


"According to the investigation, the poison was added to the rice which was served at the table."


Replying to the question if he believed the Russian leader Vladimir Putin was behind the poisoning Yushchenko replied: I have an answer, but I cannot voice it."



https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5955967/ ... -agent-orange-toxin-rice/

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