VW says new diesel engines are clean

2017/9/8 22:23:02

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions were at the center of the Dieselgate scandal that swamped Volkswagen two years ago, but the carmaker's head of development says that problem is solved with its latest engines.


By Arthur Sullivan for Deutsche Welle, Sep 9, 2017


Volkswagen's newest diesel engines are clean and will meet future emissions limits, the German car manufacturer's Head of Development Ulrich Eichhorn told German news agency DPA on Friday.


"We solved the problem of nitrogen oxide with the new engines," Eichhorn claimed. "This will also meet future emissions limits on the road."


In September 2015, Volkswagen was found by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to have deliberately and illegally manipulated many of their diesel engines to activate controls during testing to mask their true amount of NOx emissions. The amount of NOx emitted by the cars in real-world driving was up to 40 times that displayed in testing.





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