Germany warns Ukraine over graft

2017/3/3 23:44:52

<Germany's foreign minister has told Ukrainian lawmakers fighting graft will undermine Russian aggression. The comments came as authorities open a probe into Ukraine's tax boss.


Photo courtesy Presidential Press Office

By Deutsche Welle, Mar 3, 2017


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in Ukraine on Friday urged lawmakers to battle endemic corruption, tying the issue to the country's economic development and conflict with Russian-backed rebels.


It is an important task in your land to ensure the reform process is successful, Gabriel told a group of parliamentarians in the capital Kyiv. The strongest weapon of democracy is not the military; rather it is to show that people in democracies live better than those in countries without it.


Children must have a bright future, pensioners must be secure and infrastructure built, he said. That is the biggest danger to foreign aggressors, that the country is well-developed, Gabriel said.


Germans want to help Ukraine, but Gabriel said they also want to ensure that money reaches the people and isn't frittered away through corruption.


Ukraine has struggled to pass a series of structural reforms and tackle corruption, prompting the International Monetary Fund to delay payments of a $17.5 billion (16.6 billion euro) rescue package.


The slow pace of reform and continued corruption have hampered the war effort and undermined efforts to accelerate the political process to end nearly three years of conflict with Russia-backed separatists that has claimed some 10,000 lives and displaced tens of thousands.


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