Wealth in the Genes

2017/3/3 21:02:05

"It would be really hard for me to look at your genes and predict your wealth," Papageorge tells Fortune. "But on average, people with higher scores have higher wealth." 




From GenomeWeb, Mar 03, 2017


People's financial decision-making know-how and accumulation of wealth may be influenced by their genetic make-up, Fortune reports.


A trio of three economists, including Johns Hopkins University's Nicholas Papageorge, drew on a longitudinal study of 4,400 Americans taking part in the Health and Retirement Study, as they write in their paper. They related economic data collected from the cohort to their results on a polygenic score that uses 74 markers to predict educational attainment. After controlling for their level of education, their parents' level of education, any inheritances, and earnings, the economists found that people with lower scores behaved differently than people with higher scores, Fortune says.




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