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Budapest Accord Doesn’t Give Russia Right to Intervene in Ukraine But Kremlin May Think Otherwise, Illarionov Says

2014/2/9 10:10:48

Crimea has been a battleground many times before, particularly in the 1850s and the 1940s. Could Sevastopol be the starting point for another battle, this one starting from a Russian intervention under the pretext of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum? Some analysts suggest that is the case. 

By Paul Goble*


February 7 – Putin advisor Sergey Glazyev yesterday suggested that the 1994 Budapest Memorandum makes Russia and the US guarantors of “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and speaking openly [requires them] to get involved when conflict situations of this type arise.”


Glazyev invoked the document during the course of an interview published in Kommersant Ukraina yesterday in order to denounce the United States for what he said was its “crude” and “unilateral” interference in Ukrainian domestic affairs, saying Washington could do so only in conjunction with Moscow (


Unfortunately, there may be a more sinister side to Glazyev’s words. In an Ekho Moskvy post today, Andrey Illarionov says that Glazyev’s interpretation not only is at odds with the words of the Budapest Memorandum itself but suggest that at least some in the Kremlin may be looking for “a legal basis for intervention” in Ukraine (


Illarionov notes that he “cannot find in the text of the Memorandum,” signed by the presidents of the Russian Federation, the United States and Ukraine and the prime minister of the United Kingdom, any suggestion that the US and Russia have a right or a responsibility, as Glazyev suggested, to intervene to defend “the territorial integrity and security of Ukraine.”


Instead, the December 1994 text clearly indicates that the signatories undertook “obligations of an entirely different character – [specifically] not to interfere in Ukraine.” Rhetorically asking whether he might have missed something, Illarionov notes that paragraph two of the memorandum does mention one possibility in this regard.


That paragraph specifies that the sides can act in self-defense “in correspondence with the UN Charter.” But to invoke that, Russia would have to argue that it was defending itself against “threats (attacks) on or from the territory of Ukraine.”


As Illarionov notes, there is an obvious candidate for the place where such “threats” could appear – Sevastopol where Russia has a naval base and where Moscow may be in a position to provoke the situation and thus invoke the UN Charter on self-defense.  More disturbingly, the Moscow analyst continues, Sevastopol is quite possibly “not the only one.”


If Illarionov is right, this Russian misreading of the Budapest Memorandum not only could easily make the situation in Ukraine even more dangerous and explosive but also, in the absence of clear signals from the West that such an interpretation is wrong, mean that the latter might find it more difficult to object to a Russian move against Ukraine.




*Paul A. Goble is a longtime specialist on ethnic and religious questions in Eurasia. Most recently, he was director of research and publications at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy. Earlier, he served as vice dean for the social sciences and humanities at Audentes University in Tallinn and a senior research associate at the EuroCollege of the University of Tartu in Estonia. Contact Goble at:


The op-ed above represents the views of the author. Ukraine Business Online presents this information merely as a matter of public information. Our publication of this material should not be construed in any way as an endorsement - or rejection - of the views contained therein.


Editor’s Note: Ukraine Business Online invites comments from readers on this or any other subject of interest to the Ukrainian people. You may provide feedback to any news story by use of the reply function at the bottom of the page. If you have more general thoughts you would like to share, send commentary of any length to:

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Wall st,casual rookie Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) Narrates the story of the difficult [url=]Discounts louboutins[/url] Jay Gatsby (Leonardo Di Caprio), His neighbors in West Egg, long island. Gatsby once loved Carraway's cousin Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan), Now attached to boorish Tom (joel Edgerton). Included are around a dozen featurettes not to mention 15 minutes of deleted scenes, An the introduction by Luhrmann, And a clip for the silent 1926 Great Gatsby. The featurettes include nine seconds [url=]cheap christian louboutin Store[/url] with Maguire filming an on set tour, 16 a short time on the Jazz Age, 12 or so minutes on "The noises of Gatsby, 16 minutes on the 1920s fashions, And shorter segments analyzing some specific scenes, for example meeting between Daisy and Gatsby at the Plaza hotel, The pool scene, and a lot more.

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's This slight documentary takes great pleasure in celebrating all things and all people connected to the revered palace of haute couture, The variety store Bergdorf Goodman.

Director Matthew Miele valiantly attempts to inject some gravity into his portrait of behind the scenes looks at fashion shows, person, Window attire, buyers and how they operate, then, effortlessly, The associates. Miele squeezes in selection interviews, or at least cameos, From such luminaries as Bobbi wood, Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, religious Louboutin, Isaac Mizrahi, Joan waterways, Jason Wu while others. bill Fichtner narrates.

described PG 13, 93 tracfone minutes. The DVD includes additional selection interviews.

and today, Something for the youngsters. Willems, His girlfriend Cher Willems and Jon Scieszka narrate. Not ranked, 31 no time.

Children Make Terrible Pets And More Stories About Family This compilation also holds four tales, With narration given by Joanne Woodward, Julia Fein and louise Whitfield. Peter Brown composed the title story about Lucy, A young bear who meets a boy in the woods and wishes to take him home as a pet. Not rating, 42 no time at all.

Super pals Disney's golden buddys Rosebud, Buddha, Mudbud, B Dawg and Budderball return as the pack discovers magical rings providing [url=]christian louboutin cheap[/url] them super powers. When it looks like the adorable golden retriever pups might have to rescue a visitor from another planet, they already know that to save Earth, the doctor has to keep their adventure a secret.

regarded G, 81 no time. The DVD arrives in all formats and quite a few combo packs.

along with, in the end, designed by week's TV arrivals:

basic: The First Season Creator Robert Doherty has discovered how to reinvent sherlock holmes for current audiences. He has turned the obsessive obsessive detective (Jonny Lee miller) Into a retrieving drug addict who needs a companion, Preferably a health practitioner, To watch over him as he recovers.

Lucy Liu takes on Dr. Joan Watson, A former surgeon who lands a posture as a "Sober buddy" of Holmes, a predicament that forces them to live together. This arrangement also results in a detective show with character, Humor and resourcefulness.

In each tv show, Holmes faces quite a job from detective Thomas Gregson (Aidan Quinn) In solving a confusing crime, normally a murder. in the process, He shows off his eternally fascinating deductive skills. In this premiere season, He finds a variety of killers, this kind of as serial killers and child murderers, anf the even investigates a plane crash.

The season's 24 symptoms arrive on six discs. Not been rated for, in excess of 17 hours.

The set posesses 10 minute featurette on the Watson character, called "In Liu involving Watson, a complete 12 minute "behind the curtain" section on "A Holmes of their own, the 18 minute "which makes of" Featurette, "Holmes juicy Holmes, A three minute set tour in Liu, Five seconds on "waste the Puzzle" resulting in half a dozen other brief segments on series topics.

Grey's physiology: Complete Ninth Season The medical doctors, Interns, nurse practitioners, Residents and beleaguered staff at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital experience another season of new romances, Dangerous intrigues and losses.

inside of well cast drama, earning this season are Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Chandra Wilson so as Miranda Bailey, Kevin McKidd as Owen search and Justin Chambers as Alex Karev. Also through Jesse Williams, Jessica Capshaw and jeremy Pickens Jr. the growing season sees such dramas as Shepherd pausing from surgery because of his hand injury, Grey doing your best as a surgeon, And Arizona and Callie finding new ground in their shaky friendship. The season's 24 symptoms come on six discs.

graded TV 14 DLS, additional than 17 hours.

The set includes longer final episode, erased scenes and outtakes, Separate spotlight segments on Capshaw's character Arizona Robbins and on Pickens and more.

The Walking dead: greatest Third Season This initially unheralded zombie drama [url=]cheap christian louboutin shoes under 100[/url] from AMC has turned into the most watched series on cable. And to be no surprise because the tightly scripted thriller includes complex characters, Intense personal conflicts, Finely plotted assaults, Rampant action and lots and lots of gore.

Andrew Lincoln returns as default heir group leader Rick Grimes, A former sheriff's deputy who now uses his wits to keep his ragtag group united against penetrating zombies, plus, the foregoing season, Against a more sinister threat as a restricted, Albeit very much armed, social led by a righteous zealot (he Morrissey).

Every episode offers engaging suspense to go with all the constant zombie threats. that have Laurie Holden, facilities Roberts, eliza Rooker, Danai Gurira and norman Reedus. This season covers 16 episodes on five discs.

Not rated, 688 tracfone units. The set also bears commentaries, Six [url=]cheap louboutins[/url] deleted scenes resulting in eight featurettes, consist of an eight minute "designing of" segment. Other featurettes cover various series criteria, including eight minutes on "Heart of a soldier, Five minutes on the conflict regarding the Governor and Michonne (Gurira), Eight minutes on the particular "unpleasant Eye" and consequently "Guts and honor, plus.

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