“…in today’s information society, “everything secret sooner or later becomes known.” And that means that Putin’s regime “which is based on lies is condemned” as a result.

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis: “The United States stands with you, we support you in the face of threats to sovereignty, to international law or to the international order.”


There is no difference between those who destroyed the ancient monuments in Palmyra and those who defaced the face of Mephistopheles in St. Petersburg or those who want to ban a movie because they bow down to “the sainted martyr Nicholas II.”


Ralph Peters suggests Iran is manipulating Syria situation to promote wider war


Photo: Remains of the Syrian SU-22 shot down by US forces


President Donald Trump tweets often about what he calls “the Russia thing”. In fact, he has done so with such frequency that many observers have come to suspect that there is a lot more fire to go with the frequent smoke signals. One piece of investigative reporting by Business Insider earlier this year could provide the answer as to why Trump continues to obsess about the “Russia thing”. We recommend that you make this article your MUST READ in developing an understanding of Trump’s fears of the special counsel’s investigation.

Ash: “…the message from Moscow…we can still access markets, despite sanctions.”


Russian regimes will always have Western apologists, dupes and, not least, sentimentalists who idealize the bygone Russia of Tolstoy and Chekhov, of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov. But that Russia’s gone, and it can never return. Stalin destroyed its DNA in the gulag or drove it into exile. In place of Pushkin, today’s Russians get Putin. 


The choreographed televised spectacle vs. the spontaneous defiance of the street.




(Cartoon by Sergey Elkin, RFERL)

Draft Laws 4128 and 4511 have arisen in the context of a politicization of religion in conditions of the Russian war against Ukraine, and of the flurry of defections from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The Moscow Patriarchate may use its influence to close the windows on these two drafts. But it cannot shut the door on the winds of change.

“In other words,” Pashkov says, “the number of militarized structures in the foreign policy of Russia is comparable with the number of people in uniform in the former USSR, even though the population in the Russian Federation is only half as large.”  The Soviet leadership couldn’t carry this burden: ultimately neither will the Russian, he concludes.

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