The forum's goal is to encourage participants to spread biblical values in all areas of society.


The disagreement involves a building that took the UAOC 24 years to gain legal possession.

“We hope that the Russian people and the state will recognize and respect the right of Ukraine to be an independent state, to choose its own way to the future, just as Ukraine recognizes and respects the independence and sovereignty of the Russian Federation.”


‘After the dedication, the patriarch's niece, Zoya Bezotosna, spoke to those present at the dedication. Bezotosna is the only Skrypnyk relative who survived the Soviet government’s destruction of the Skrpynyk family in Ukraine.’

Adji Emirali Ablaeva was re-elected without opposition 


Bishop Borys Gudziak: “We purchased the church in Senlis, the royal town in which lived Anna Yaroslavna, known to the world as Anne of Kyiv, Queen of France. With this ecclesiastical and legal act, we have shown that the sources of the Ukrainian Christian European tradition are alive and viable.”


The eighteenth-century royal gates of the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God of the Pechersk Lavra of Kyiv are kept in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It is believed that Catherine the Great of Russia gave them to the monks of the monastery in 1784. The chance for their return to Ukraine is considered extremely low

“Since the 1980s, 266,000 Crimean Tatars and thousands of other Formerly Deported Peoples have returned to their historic homeland, reaffirming their will to reverse an historical injustice that we all condemn in the most unequivocal terms.”

The medal is the highest honor awarded by the international organization

The petite beauty from Crimea demonstrates her ability to render a uniquely emotional version of Ukraine’s national anthem


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