The Quran, thought to be about 200 years old, is said to be a complete copy with 19 cross-linked workbooks that contain all 114 Suras.

For the Eastern Rite churches, the question of fewer young people coming to the priesthood is fully as critical as it is for the Roman Catholic – and could get worse


As usual, all these events are free and open to the public.


We encourage our faithful, especially those from the villages and areas most affected by the famine, to delegate their representatives to participate in the national mournful events that will take place at the Holodomor Memorial on November 23


Fifty-one of the 54 representatives of the GELCU eligible to vote were present and voted to elect Pastor Serhyi Mashevsky as new head


Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year the Chinese language will be studied in all courses of the Khabarovsk seminary.


Ukraine’s Eurovision selection won in 2004 and placed third in 2013

The Lviv meeting will be an opportunity to celebrate the triumphal return to prominence by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church after decades of Stalinist attempts to destroy it 

“In Moscow, it is a very sensitive issue. For the ROC now claims primacy in the Orthodox world. Without Ukraine, of course, it does not see itself that way. If we fall away, the Russian Church would lose almost half of its parishes and believers. Then their ambitions to claim primacy in the Orthodox world would be futile.”


The event brings together bishops from Ukraine, Poland, UK, France, Germany and Italy.


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