Today, 24,000 Ukrainian orphans are in need of families, and about 40,000 children are brought up in orphanages without official status, left orphans with living parents.


The church was built nearly 800 years ago in Chelm, now part of Poland


The meaning of ritual sacrifice is primarily spiritual. Every Muslim using his hard-earned money has to sacrifice and share with the poor and needy, to treat his guests with a festive meal. This is an act of generosity and donation made with the hope of God's forgiveness.


The Ukrainian Insurgent Army on May 30, 1947, declared the feast to be its holiday.

“The so-called necessary statement of the church leaders of Ukraine to the Ukrainian citizens about European integration is a betrayal of God, the church, and the nation.”


The naming will be coordinated with the canonization of JPII, planned for next year


According to Patriarch Sviatoslav, holding this forum shows that “Europe’s Christianity is healthy and therefore it is not necessary to be afraid of it.”


The chair of Insaf believes that someone deliberately tried to stop the conference. “I think everything that happened was pure provocation, which was neatly disguised under various pretenses,” she said.

“This document must not mislead Ukrainian citizens. The reasoning contained therein is in no way an expression of the position of the UOC-MP on integration; instead, it reflects Metropolitan Volodymyr’s personal civic stand, which he shares with representatives of the schismatic, sectarian, and heterodox non-Christian religious groups,” reads the monks’ statement.


Expert: “…the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, which was established in December 1996 to initiate a dialogue between the churches and religious organizations, is now an active advisory body that combines the efforts of churches and religious organizations in cooperation with the state.”


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