Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year the Chinese language will be studied in all courses of the Khabarovsk seminary.


Ukraine’s Eurovision selection won in 2004 and placed third in 2013

The Lviv meeting will be an opportunity to celebrate the triumphal return to prominence by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church after decades of Stalinist attempts to destroy it 

“In Moscow, it is a very sensitive issue. For the ROC now claims primacy in the Orthodox world. Without Ukraine, of course, it does not see itself that way. If we fall away, the Russian Church would lose almost half of its parishes and believers. Then their ambitions to claim primacy in the Orthodox world would be futile.”


The event brings together bishops from Ukraine, Poland, UK, France, Germany and Italy.


“Today we often betray God, but the Lord accepts us all the way we are. We also need to let others live and walk under the sun, because God allows it. By accepting someone, we accept God,” Bishop Venedykt said in his homily.

“The Spiritual Board of Muslims of Crimea addresses fellow believers with a call to maintain the stability of the spirit, to show diligence, not to be provoked,” said the mufti.


Alexander Feldman: “One hundred years ago the civil society that was emerging prevailed over xenophobic outrage. Ordinary Kyiv residents from among the jurors demonstrated wisdom, which many statesmen of the past lacked.”

Pyatt and his predecessor ambassadors have presented grants amounting to $425,000 for projects to preserve historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine

2014 will be an historical year for our community in Newcastle NSW. On 19th August 1949, the migrant ship “Fairsea” steamed into the harbour. The “Fairsea” had left Naples, Italy 28 days earlier and had 1900 European passengers on board.


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