KYIV, Jan. 3, 2010 (UBO) -- As of Jan. 1, 2010 the agreement on readmission between the European Union and Ukraine inked two years ago has taken effect. In terms of the agreement Ukraine that has beco
KYIV, Jan. 2, 2010 (UBO) -- The law ?1562-VI July 25, 2009 regarding stimulation of the regions’ development has taken effect from Jan. 1, 2010. The law describes the areas and terms to obtain the dep
KYIV, Jan. 1, 2010 (UBO) – The annual Svoboda Party march through downtown Kyiv to rally at Maydan Nezhalezhnosti was conducted tonight with several hundred police on hand to keep the Svoboda Party an
KYIV, Jan. 1, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- Law No. 1475-VI on implementing automatic distribution of cases among administrative court judges came into force as of January 1, 2010. Besides case distrib
More snow, ice and damaging winds predicted for first five days of 2010 KYIV, Dec. 31, 2009 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The Weather Center warned in a statement today that weather conditions in Ukraine wo
Serhiy Ratusnyak KYIV, Dec. 31, 2009 (UBO) -- Serhiy Ratusnyak, Uzhgorod city mayor and candidate for the presidency of Ukraine called on incumbent President Victor Yushchenko to declare a war on Soma
TOKYO, Japan, Dec. 30, 2009 (UBO) – Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I), one of the most highly regarded rating agencies, on Dec. 28 issued a Foreign Currency Issuer Rating for Ukraine t
KYIV, Dec. 30, 2009 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- Canada will send 200 observers for the presidential election in Ukraine, the Central Electoral Commission said today. Commission deputy chairman Andriy Mahe
KYIV, Dec. 30, 2009 (UBO/Ukrainian News) -- The Prosecutor General's Office has completed its pre-court investigation into the case against Ihor Zvarych, the former head of the Lviv Administrative Cou
Smoking in Ukraine decreases 2009/12/30 13:38:06
KYIV, Dec. 30, 2009 (UBO) -- About 2.2 percent of Ukraine’s residents quit smoking during five months of 2009, according to the results of public research conducted by the Kyiv International Sociology
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