Happy New Year 2011 2011/1/1 1:11:52

Wishing you the most prosperous year ever


With trading levels of both stocks and futures lolling in the pre-holiday doldrums, the UAIndex’s long climb stalled on stock value increases balanced with futures declines

Stock and futures increases combine to give UAIndex a dramatic .23 euro one-day jump

A Canadian firm says it will begin a 10 well drilling program in Ukraine as early as January. The company claims its superior equipment will be able to effect preparation and drilling much faster and cheaper than the old Russian-style rigs that are in most common use in Ukraine currently.


The Index could break through the 9 euro barrier in the week ahead


For the last 18 months to two years, many Ukrainian employers have been besieged by a large number of applicants for almost every job offered. However, two events – Euro 2012 and an open door for labor in Poland – is likely to lessen the number of job applicants in Ukraine with attending demands for higher wages.

Stock sales should continue through end of year, but futures market nearing doldrums

UAIndex upswing continues 2010/12/21 11:11:35

Increases in stock prices and commodity futures give UAIndex continued growth

UAIndex continues upward trend 2010/12/20 11:30:40

Growth in prices of Ukrainian agro holdings and broad increases in commodities keeps UAIndex looking up


The prices on Ukrainian agro holdings were up, but not enough to overcome a sharp downturn in commodity futures on the Chicago Board of Trade


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