“As President, I am very satisfied with the current unprecedented level of cooperation between Ukraine and the USA,” Poroshenko said following his meeting with President Trump.


“Never in the history of the Ukrainian state, after the restoration of independence, has Ukraine felt such a great assistance and unity of all Ukrainians in the world aimed to implement the tasks the Ukrainian state faces today,” Poroshenko emphasized.


Photo: Aleksandr Vinnik is escorted by plainclothes police officers to a court in Thessaloniki in July.

A peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine was a priority and the Russian Federation’s aggression and illegal annexation of Crimea could not become “business as usual.” Vejonis told the General Assembly.


Tom Monastyrski, director of the Police Training Assistance Project, says it’s important for them to observe other police training academies – especially Canada’s.

At least 400 individuals, including the super-rich from Russia and Ukraine, have allegedly received Cypriot citizenship by investing in the country


Analyst: “An affirmative decision by the U.S. would have to be based on whether officials have the sense that the Russian government has good will in its declared willingness to end the armed conflict in Donbas. We don’t see this good will being present, but we don’t think it will even get that far.”


Photo: FARDC soldier rappelling from a helicopter during specialized training conducted by MONUSCO Bangladeshi Contingent [UN photo]

With the Nord Stream pipeline down for maintenance in the Baltic Sea, Russia's only real alternative into Europe's lucrative gas market is via Ukraine.


Monday, September 18, 2017, 4:00pm-5:30pm, 6th Floor Moynihan Boardroom

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LibDemInternational claims in a Tweet: “#YABLOKO will now have over 200 deputies all over Russia, about 190 in the Moscow municipalities only!


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