Photo: "In 2007, we signed an agreement on the creation of the Confucius Institute at the KNU. For these 10 years, we have trained about 10,000 people. The award that we have received today is recognition and acknowledgement of our merits," Sun said.


Editor: Zhou Xin


"Our task is to turn the opportunities and the potential, which are being widely discussed now, into concrete practical projects," said Natalia Mykolska [pictured], deputy minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine.


“Four of the measures linked to the third and final tranche of this MFA currently remain outstanding. Against this background, the Commission is not in a position to disburse the last tranche of the current MFA programme.”


In Ukraine, Ma Kai [pictured] will chair the third meeting of the China-Ukraine Inter-Government Cooperation Committee


Analyst: “…we believe the desire to renew trade with Russia will be the biggest motivating factor for Europeans to relax sanctions, not so much cultural concerns.”


Photo: Polish Cabinet Chief Krzysztof Szczerski


Ukrainian sources contacted by UBO believe a combination of strong Chinese interest in corn in part to help fight domestic pollution problems and strengthening USD – weaker UAH – could provide some positive impetus for Ukrainian exports.

Mladic was not in court at the time his sentence was read out. He had been removed earlier for shouting at the judges.

Allegations seen as latest attempt to discredit hedge fund manager who has led global campaign for justice in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky

Bill Browder: ‘Putin is so rattled by the Magnitsky sanctions that he has completely lost touch with reality.’ Photograph: Richard Saker for the Observer


Recent remarks by Ukraine's Ambassador to Serbia Oleksandr Aleksandrovych (pictured) have irked many in Belgrade. (file photo)

Ukraine sees great potential in its renewable energy cooperation with China.


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