Eight people were wounded by a knifeman who was shot dead by police in the Siberian city of Surgut

As long as the status quo remains, Russia has no reason to change its behavior, and we should only expect more violence and more death," Ukraine’s best friend in the U.S. Senate says.


It is believed that the SVR and the FSB will merge together to create an intelligence monolith reminiscent of the KGB. Although it is still in its planning stages, the Ministry of State Security which was a ministry with the same namesake under Joseph Stalin, will employ up to 250,000 people.



Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said late Monday it had summoned the Polish ambassador, calling the inclusion of the Lviv cemetery "an unfriendly step that will have a negative impact on the development of the Ukraine-Polish strategic partnership."


Analyst: “We don’t expect any breakthroughs in the conflict, which will become centered around the presidential and parliamentary elections as 2019 draws closer.”


Analyst: Sooner or later, Putin will have to decide on whether it’s worth it for him to remain in Ukraine.

A statue of Friedrich Engels in Manchester, England, where he conducted research in the 1840s. The British artist Phil Collins had the statue trucked from Ukraine.


Credit Joel Fildes, via Shady Lane Productions

Ambassador Green served previously as U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, as a Member of Congress representing Wisconsin's eighth congressional district, and, most recently, as the President of the International Republican Institute.


Russian musician Fyodor Chistyakov (file photo)


Poroshenko and Macron’s first meeting on June 26, 2017


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