Our resident writer, B. Micto, returns with an offering slightly more bizarre than the last. Of course, the term ‘resident writer’ is probably a misnomer because we really don’t know where he resides
Star Gazer By B. Micto There was something odd about the stars. Ray Maywether looked into the cold night sky, and was certain that the stars were different on this particular night. Concentration was
In the very early days of Ukraine Business Online’s existence, we posted one of the most interesting of Alex Frishberg’s fiction pieces, entitled, An International Love Affair. Truth to tell, UBO at t
Fiction might seem a bit odd to be featured on a business website, but all work and no play makes Jack… well, you now the rest. That is why call upon such friends Alex Frishberg and B. Micto to bring
B. Micto, our short story writer in residence, arrived today for one of his periodic visits -- unexpected, unannounced and somewhat disheveled -- with the latest offering wrapped in a rather odd-smell
With hardly a word of warning, B. Micto has struck again with a new short story. As you are by now aware, friend Micto is an aficionado of the eccentric. You were probably aware of that from his previ
Over the last few weeks, quite a few of you have chosen to read our first fiction offering by Alex Frishberg, who will almost certainly become a regular contributor to this unique section of our busin
An International Love Affair 2009/10/7 17:49:52
After years of short stories and other writings, Alex Frishberg produced The Steel Barons. Now Alex is back with Ukraine Business Online's first fiction offering, An International Affair, a unique nov
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