The Court of Arbitration for Sport says the IAAF has the right to exclude all Russian track and field athletes if it chooses to do so.


The so-called Zenit-Arena stadium in St. Petersburg is said to be 85 percent complete. (file photo)


Weird Olympic Sports: Roque 2016/7/18 15:15:10

Roque, seen here being played somewhere other than the Olympics. Photo Credit: General Photographic Agency/Getty Images


“We understand that our problems with doping have deep roots in the past and cannot be eradicated in a short period of time."


Photo: Vitaly Mutko

Photo: documentary shown on German broadcaster ARD showed images of boxes of EPO and used syringes in bins at Kenya's top training camp in Iten and they filmed a doctor promising they could help athletes dope ©ARD


Photo: All-Russia Athletic Federation head Dmitry Shlyakhtin said last month that long jumper Darya Klishina met the criteria [only one of two]

Nope, we couldn’t make this stuff up. Yes, there was a very long time ago an Olympic event known as club swinging. This ended in 1932 before most of us were born and there seems to be no constituency for bringing this winner back to life.


Photo: Club Swinging at the Royal Navy Training School. Photo Credit: E. Phillips/Fox Photos/Getty Images


Ukrainian powerlifter Mariana Shevchuk has been stripped of her junior world record [file photo]

A Ukraine men’s 1-2-3 highlight of event at Châteauroux


German Trainer Captain Viebig of the Hanover Cavalry School, 1936 Dressage Gold Medal Winner Photo Credit: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images


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