Analyst: The conventional view is that extended pressure on Russia is good for Ukraine, but we believe the extension of economic and travel sanctions have the potential to provoke further Russian military aggression."*


The only way to escape the dead end that Russia faces as a result is to pursue “the deep federalization” of the country, Pastukhov says.  If that doesn’t happen, autocracy will be reborn regardless of the names the rulers choose to use.  Moscow must not be the only center anymore: there must be “up to 20” powerful regional center. In short, Russia must become a federation.


Konstantin Sivkov, the first vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, takes a…jaundiced view. He says that Shoigu’s statement means that Russia is no longer planning to field a fleet as powerful as the American one and instead is focusing on coastal defense and those tasks that smaller ships can perform.


…resentment of alleged Western Christian hostility and feelings of victimization are a common motif in Russian Orthodox thinking.


Photo: Gennadii Zuganov, head of Russia’s Communist Party and Patriarch Kirill


Russian is today paying an annual tax tribute to Chechnya of 10 US dollars, far more than is going to any other federal subject

Former Pentagon Ukraine desk official says: “…our military support for Ukraine was not enough to withstand a Soviet legacy of weak institutions, corruption that compromised Ukraine’s independence from Russia, particularly in the industrial and energy sectors, and a low rate of economic development. The result was Ukraine’s inability to join the European Union and a loss of sovereign territory to Russia.”


Photo: Stacy Closson*


“According to a new poll by Kyiv’s Razumkov Center, 92 percent of Ukrainian citizens now consider themselves ethnic Ukrainians, six percent say they are ethnic Russians, and 1.5 percent identify as members of other ethnic groups.”


In addition to these arrests, there have been a wave of searches of the apartments of opposition figures. Not all have been formally arrested, but some have been detained for some time on increasingly flimsy pretexts.


Photo: Ilya Ponomaryev, longtime Russian human rights activist


What Ukraine’s Jews Fear 2017/4/13 22:35:08

The O.U.N. and its military wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, or U.P.A., are now being glorified as freedom fighters. What is not mentioned is the O.U.N.’s xenophobic, anti-Semitic ideology, which described Jews as a “predominantly hostile body within our national organism,” or that the O.U.N.-U.P.A. militia collaborated in the Holocaust and also massacred between 70,000 and 100,000 Polish civilians in order to create an ethnically pure Ukraine.


“…the Putin powers that be can’t escape a more final judgment of history. After all, Latynina says, while the Kremlin’s ‘Vremya’ program is being watched by ‘six million pensioners,’ Navalny’s film about the corruption of the core elite has been watched by ‘35 million young people.’”

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