“Today it became clearer than the light of day that the current regime is trying to physically destroy both Yuriy Lutsenko and Yulia Tymoshenko – in short to kill them.”

Russian Truth 2011/8/9 15:43:34

“Does Pravda actually want to remind the world of Russia’s barbaric policies in Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic countries?  Does it want to remind or perhaps educate for the first time millions of people who have forgotten or never learned about the Soviet Union’s devilish behavior?”

The danger unseen 2011/7/30 9:21:15

"The concentration of loans in the public sector provided by state-owned banks of Russia is very risky for Ukraine. Experts say that Ukraine is on the threshold of trade war with Russia. Gas black-mail, and export bans for some Ukrainian goods should force officials to be very careful with Russia."

Independent of canonical politics, the Russian Orthodox Church’s Basic Teaching on Human Dignity, Freedom and Rights reflects a xenophobic mindset distrustful of Europe.  This Basic Teaching is fundamentally alien to all that is Ukrainian.  Ukraine’s soul is European.  Russia’s soul is Eurasian.


The U.S. Department of State renews its criticism of the Ukrainian government’s alleged pressure on the mass media in Ukraine.

Bishop Paul Peter Jesep: “A free press helps to keep the government accountable to the people - not Russia, not the oligarchs, and not to your friend Kirill in Moscow.” 

The question was sparked by a recent government report in Russia that suggests the world’s largest country geographically also has a large corruption issue with which it is dealing.

Bishop Paul Peter Jesep says in regard to the German court case again John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian native who was a Nazi prison guard, “The Demjanjuk case is not about Ukraine.  The case, even if justice has not been served, should not be allowed to fuel animosity between Ukrainian Jews and Christians.”

Demjanjuk: Dreyfus in reverse 2011/5/20 13:17:29

“…there is that part of the global Jewish community which could not accept Demjanjuk’s innocence, the findings of the Israeli courts or the rule of law. Many concerned Jews disagreed, yet remained silent.  But then, that’s precisely why anti-Semitism exists to this day. Today it’s being fed by extremist Jews themselves and the silence and acquiescence of others.”

“…secret decision-making technologies for amending the Basic Law are hidden…in the CCU or ‘glossed-over’ documents of the Presidential Administration.”

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