A Thursday videotaped speech to the Verkhovna Rada left little doubt that President Yanukovych will attempt to have all benefits of the Russia-backed Customs Union without membership.

The state-owned news service published a summary of a New York Times article quoting statements by an American law firm that supports the Ukrainian government’s prosecution of Yulia Tymoshenko. However, the UkrInform article ignored the most important facts in the Times article.

Vladimir Putin used his state of the union address to hint that Russia’s 11 and 14 million labor migrants, the largest number Ukrainian, might be subject to exclusion from Russia.


Defense minister makes an old promise with new effective date  


After running a creditable UEFA Euro 2012 champion series, Ukraine’s government seems to have lost the plot.


Kyiv investment bank wades into controversy with story headlined: “Official implies Russians interfering with Ukrainian gas market”


Ukrainian woman who entered Syria with journalist’s documentation was actually employed by Russian intelligence to help Russian support for Assad regime

Jesep: “Several of Svoboda’s leaders have made racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, and homophobic statements.  Although its appeal is restricted to a specific region of Western Ukraine, the [Jerusalem] Post wrote that its views are hardly out of sync with the country’s mainstream.’”  

Jesep: “It is possible though not excusable Mr. Tyabnbok does not understand the meaning of anti-Semitism.  He may not even understand his own country’s history where Jews have lived before Grand Prince Volodymyr accepted Christianity as the state religion.  He may not even know how Jews have greatly contributed to Ukrainian culture and even fought for Ukrainian independence in 1919.”


Although we’re a long way from a final vote count, the outlines of the new parliament – and some other changes – are discernible as UBO consults its crystal ball


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