Tymoshenko Vindicated! 2013/4/30 18:48:23

Jesep: “And justice will be done.” Dostoevsky wrote in The Brothers Karamazov. “Believe that, never doubt it, for therein lies the hope and the faith of the saints.” Today, Yulia Tymoshenko received justice. Western governments must renew pressure on the Yanukovych regime to free her.

Jesep: “The international community has widely condemned the new investigation as another example of Yanukovych’s attempt to use the country’s corrupt, deeply flawed justice system to marginalize political adversaries.”

Viktor Fedorovych has no one to blame, but himself and a group of inept political advisers.  He needlessly permitted the matter to drag on for years. He made a significant political miscalculation foolishly believing the world would forget Tymoshenko.  The world has not.  


Europe’s strongest leader reiterates the conditions that Ukraine must meet if the long-discussed EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is to become reality

Tyshchenko: “…PR [Party of Regions] members and their adherents should comprehend doubtful legitimacy of such decisions and the importance to perceive the legitimacy of the parliament as such in the eyes of the voters and the society.

Blame the Euro, not Cyprus 2013/4/3 19:46:58

Christensen says of the Euro: “The real problem lies in the framework that is created by politicians, preventing free markets to deal with excesses in the way capitalism always does. Solving crises and exposing poor business models are part of capitalism, and it is not always pretty – but it is a damn sight more efficient and quicker than trying to desperately salvage what is already doomed.”

The commentary below by Svitlana Kononchuk, Head, Politics Department of the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR), presents discussion of Ukraine’s referendum procedures that have been slanted in such a way as to almost guarantee referendum results desired by the incumbent administration


Some of those in the Verkhovna Rada pushing a tax on accounts should visit Cyprus to see how even the suggestion of such a plan there sent people into the streets – and bankers scurrying for cover


“[Elvira] Nabiullina belongs to the Moscow liberal economic establishment; she is not identified with very strongly held views. Among many opinionated people, she was always the sensible person who tried to get things done. In the best sense of the word, she is an able technocrat. Clearly, Putin thinks so too. Interestingly, Nabiullina is not only a woman, but ethnically a Tartar of Muslim origin.”

Manjoo: “Google Fiber is totally awesome, but it's also completely unnecessary.” UBO responds: "Wrong on all counts."

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