“Putin came to power in a lumpenized country, where the majority of the active population had been disoriented by the Soviet past and the chaotic-market present,” Nekrasov says. “Putinism’s harshness is a necessary condition for the rise of full-blooded fascism, a necessary but not a sufficient one.”


Slabyj: “…the behavior of the Vatican Curia reminds me of the behavior of Kremlin with its partners in its Customs Union, with Kazakhstan and Belarus complaining of unfair treatment. The Vatican Curia exhibits no Christian behavior but that of ruthless politicians and their narrow-minded agenda.”

VOA: “In November this year, the European Union and Ukraine are scheduled to sign Association and Free Trade Agreements, which would lead Ukraine to move further from Russia’s sphere of influence. Russia is trying to prevent this development but some experts say its methods are backfiring.”


“The Italian National Front is ‘a radical neo-fascist organization,’ founded by Andriano Tilgher who was earlier convicted of extremism after trying to revive Mussolini’s Fascist Party.  ‘In other words,’ Sumlenny says, ‘the subtitle of the article in ‘Komsomolka’ could have read ‘Italian Fascists Support Vladimir Putin.’”


Graham Seibert says: “…at the end of the day, Ukraine will have to find some way to raise taxes to pay for (1) pensions and gas, which will still be there, (2) principal payments on the loans, and (3) interest on the loans. To allow Yanukovych to solve his short-term problems with an IMF loan only leads to larger problems for his successor.”

According to Levinson, “the Jewish people in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were destroyed as a people” at the end of Russian imperial times, under the Soviets and during the Nazi occupation.  “It existed in the Russian Empire,” and Jews had every reason to be called “a nation or a people.”  But today, while Jews remain; the Jewish people in the Slavic countries don’t.


Avraam Shmulyevich: The Russian power vertical is absolutely ineffective and is capable only of giving rise to new problems. As a result, “Russia is not in a position to hold on to the Caucasus and in a very short time will be forced to leave from there.”

“‘The closure of the borders with Ukraine and the opening of the borders with the countries of Central Asia completely corresponds to the economic model’ Russia has adopted. Moscow has little interest in Ukraine or any other foreign country. Its ‘entire policy’ is based on the sale of raw materials abroad. ‘Everything else is just for show.’”


Yevhen Lupakov, president of the Union of Officers of Ukraine, told the meeting that “we seek to declare present-day Ukraine the legal successor of the Ukrainian Peoples Republic,” to raise the issue of restoring the Ukrainian Kuban Republic, and ultimately to re-unify “our two fraternal peoples into a single independent Ukrainian state.”


Russia’s virtually unchallenged anti-gay campaign seems likely to cause immense problems for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Moreover, the effects have begun to be felt in Ukraine and parroted by pro-Moscow politicians. Unless effectively opposed by the Yanukovych administration, this could threaten the proposed EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and any chance of progress toward Euro-integration.

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