A "Red Train" of carts is sent out by the Soviet government to take food away from the Ukrainian people. Oleksiyivka, Ukraine. 1932.



Analyst: “While NABU might have some flaws (what government body doesn't?), the Poroshenko administration needs to recognize that NABU enjoys more trust from the public, both domestically and abroad. Lutsenko seems to be starting to understand this to some extent when acknowledging corruption in the migration service.”


The father was killed instantly and seven others injured.


Photo: Police handout


Analyst: “Volker’s comment that the U.S. won’t accept any Russian peacekeepers all but eliminates any hope for that method of resolving the conflict, which we never expected to be successful anyhow.

Analyst: “…the news is positive for Ukraine’s budget as this was one of the cheapest placements of USD-denominated bonds in Ukraine’s recent history. Meanwhile, it’s good that now Ukraine’s gross reserves won’t fall much in November from the level of USD 18.7 bln at the start of the month.”

“Today, the Ukrainian people are waging a fair defense war. Our soldiers sacrifice their lives, health, shed blood for their homeland, they are the ones to counter the aggressor,” the Patriarch said.


The Patriarch of Constantinople [pictured] stressed that there is no justification for the senseless and brutal murder of millions of people.


Analyst: “Poroshenko is more interested in a Russian-oriented parliamentary opposition emerging rather than a pro-Western progressive opposition that is oriented towards a faster pace of more radical reforms. In that context, we view the SBU official’s comments as a possible pretext for authoritarian methods that are increasingly common for the Poroshenko administration.”


Andriy Kryshchenko, the head of the Kyiv branch of the National Police, said the 60 suspects were taken to police headquarters for questioning.

Analyst: “It's very likely the new program will contain even more ambitious requirements. Accomplishing even one tranche will be enough to be considered a success for the Ukrainian government, especially since painful reforms are difficult on the eve of an election year.


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