Patriarch Sviatoslav, head of the UGCC: “Let the Lord God bless our land with peace, so that we do not have to bury our sons and daughters any longer – and they dedicate themselves for God and for Ukraine.”


With the Nord Stream pipeline down for maintenance in the Baltic Sea, Russia's only real alternative into Europe's lucrative gas market is via Ukraine.


What is the best possible way to get yourself in trouble these days in the Russian Federation? Based on recent evidence, you can place a very safe bet that if you have anything nice to say about any of an endlessly long list of enemies of the Putin regime, then all you have to do is sit back and wait while the appropriate prosecutorial authorities come looking for you. In today’s Daily Vertical podcast, Brian Whitmore provides a classic example of just how the process works.


“The big inducement is that the current pension draft includes a big hike in pensions from October, so in the current populist mood in Kyiv and the Rada, I doubt that any Rada deputy will want to be left responsible for not getting the pension hike signed off on before the winter.”


One viewer observed that the film “is not about a saint.” Rather, “it is the story of a man who loved and was loved. And by the way, there isn’t any pornography. There are several bed scenes but they as in the anecdote aren’t really past. Soft eroticism, no more than that.  In one scene, the ballerina’s breast is glimpsed – a beautiful one at that.”


Analyst: Poroshenko can’t allow Saakashvili to flout the government’s authority. In this ongoing chess match, each side is going to take careful steps to defend their authority and political support among the public, which could easily disintegrate with one false move. The 2019 elections are at stake.


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Analyst: “We remain bearish on JKX stock, taking into account the company’s poor end-1H17 liquidity (which is unlikely to have improved), implying a lack of money for repairs and investments, as well as unresolved tax debt issues in Ukraine, which implies the company may still have to pay net USD 14-37 mln to Ukraine’s budget in the short term.”


“The authenticity of signatures on the constituent documents of a public association, a religious organization or a charitable organization is notarized only if there is such a requirement in the constituent documents of the relevant public association, religious organization or charitable organization,” the draft law states.


Major engine maker Motor Sich suffers sharp decline on Monday as its primary shareholder faces a criminal investigation.


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