The organisers announced a contest for young architects, in which each winner will receive between €1000 and €1500 to create and set up a light installation for the festival.


One reason to consider investing in AI stocks is that the technology will soon be used by many companies all over the world.


Photo: An AI robot greets a little girl at an AI show


Despite Vladimir Putin’s upbeat treatment of Russia’s economy – and the echoes of his view by others – stories coming out of Russia show that his optimism is at least misplaced if not simply an outright falsification of reality. 

There are  reports of investors who have committed suicide after finding themselves unable to cope with dramatic reductions in the value of their cryptocurrency holdings.


Some reporters are too lazy or too ill-informed to adequately report stories that involve both Russian and Ukrainian actors. Bloomberg does a better job, but even then the information can get buried deep in the article.


Analyst: “In the big picture, this rivalry among Ukraine’s pro-Western forces will only work in the Kremlin’s favor. A Maidan-style protest will not be effective and will more likely lead to chaos in the country as the president’s numerous political opponents are too splintered and have no one to rally around.”


Analyst: “The worldwide revival of oil and gas drilling activity, which was the reason for the increase in Interpipe’s pipe products sales in 2017, is likely to continue supporting this segment in 2018.”


Many mistakenly assume that Khrushchev’s moves on Crimea were “somehow extraordinary.” But that is a mistake: The Soviet leader wanted to take part of Kazakhstan and transfer it to Uzbekistan and transfer another part of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan (or possibly Turkmenistan).

In response to the interview, broadcast on the American network, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it portrayed a man "with emotional if not mental problems". 

“On the one hand,” she says, “[Putin] will be forced to maintain the mechanism of the survival of the system by using Western resources without which [many parts of the Russian economy] can’t work.”  And “on the other, Putin wants to turn the country to the past, “to return Russia to traditional and archaic values,” including the idea that it is “a besieged fortress.”

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