One U.S. Embassy/Madrid cable revealed a statement by one source to the effect that he considers “Belarus, Chechnya and Russia to be virtual ‘mafia states’ and said that Ukraine is going to be one.”

The book is the result of years of research in Paris and in Ukraine by Vita Susak of the Lviv Gallery of Art.

UAIndex makes modest recovery 2010/12/14 15:27:04

Up trend based on small gains in stock values and commodity futures

Persistent attacks on one of Ukraine’s most vibrant and progressive educational institutions appears to be a presidentially sanctioned attempt to force Ukraine’s education system back into the Soviet era


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KYIV, Dec. 13, 2010 (UBO) – Negotiations between the government of Ukraine and Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd (VPL), an international energy exploration company headquartered in Houston, Texas, have been extended for another three months beyond the initial three months period “in order to sign an amicable agreement,” the company said in an announcement today.

Talks that began in 2009 to become concrete in 2011 with formation of LITPOLUKRBRIG


VILNIUS, Dec. 11, 2010 (UBO) -- Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine experts met in Vilnius and agreed documents and procedures stipulating signing an intergovernmental trilateral treaty in 2011 on formation of trilateral Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG, the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense reported.

DTEK ups stake to almost 40 percent after jump to 25 percent in September KYIV, Dec. 10, 2010 (UBO/SCM) – In a company announcement today, DTEK said it has increased its stake in Kyivenergo to 40 perc
KYIV, Dec. 10, 2010 (UBO) – By a decree signed by President Viktor Yanukovych on December 9, a reorganization plan for all state agencies has been put in place. The listing of ministries, agencies and

KYIV, Dec. 9, 2010 (UBO) -- On Wednesday, December 08 we added Milkiland into the list of companies considered in the UAIndex calculation. We’d like to remind that Milkiland has been listed on the War

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