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Vitali Klitschko appears on BBC TV’s “HARDtalk” program

2013/3/28 13:38:06

Host Stephen Sackur pushes Klitschko about any plans for a presidential run and his ability to make a major impact on corruption in Ukraine


KYIV, Mar 28, 2013 (UBO) – In connection with Vitali Klitschko’s confirmation that he would participate in the parliamentary opposition’s Stand up, Ukraine! series of protests, Oksana Zynovieva, the UDAR leader’s press secretary said that Klitschko did not participate in previous protest campaigns because he was on a business trip abroad and returned only on Wednesday.


While we are unaware of any promotion or advance notice, one of the steps on Klitschko’s most recent trip appears to have been a visit to BBC’s London headquarters to record a half-hour interview for BBC TV News’ “HARDtalk” program, hosted by Stephen Sackur.


The program developed its reputation with confrontational interviews. As BBC describes it on the worldwide network’s website, “In an in-depth, hard-hitting, half-hour discussion, Stephen Sackur talks to some of the most prominent people from around the world.”


The interview was telecast internationally in its entirety at 09:30GMT today [11:30 a.m., Kyiv time] and there appears to be no plans for a rebroadcast.


Sackur zeroed in on a number of points of interest:


  • Asked about a possible fight between the Klitschko brothers, Vitali repeated the oft-heard answer that no such fight would ever occur, particularly since the brothers’ mother is steadfastly opposed;
  • In response to a question about a possible run for the presidency of Ukraine, Klitschko said that was not a goal but neither did he categorically deny the possibility;
  • Pushed by Sackur about his wealth, Klitschko said that all of his income is declared as required by Verkhovna Rada rules for members of parliament. He also seemed to suggest that a lot of his funds are invested in real estate.


Under BBC policy, a podcast of each “HARDtalk” program is posted within 24 hours after the broadcast and remains online indefinitely.


To download a podcast of the program, link below:

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