Moody's drops Naftogaz Ukrainy's default probability rating

2009/10/7 2:00:41
KYIV, Oct. 6, 2009 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- Moody's Investors Service made what most observers considered an inevitable downgrade today, changing its probability of default rating (PDR) from Ca to Ca/L
for Naftogaz Ukrainy, the large state-owned energy company. The Moody’s downgrade reflected an actual default by Naftogaz Ukrainy on repayment of its $500-million Eurobonds that were due to mature on September 30, 2009. Naftogaz Ukrainy's foreign-currency corporate family and debt ratings remain unchanged at Caa2, Moody’s said. However, Moody’s ratings remain under review with direction uncertain, reflecting the uncertainty over the outcome of a restructuring proposal that the company made to its debt holders. Naftogaz Ukrainy had proposed that Eurobonds holders restructure the bonds for five years, until October 2014. Talks begun on September 14 with Naftogaz creditors continue as part of the process of restructuring its foreign debts. The company continues to express confidence that it will successfully restructure all its Eurobonds debt. Naftogaz Ukrainy issued the Eurobonds upon which it defaulted in 2004 at the yield rate of 8.125% per annum. Naftogaz Ukrainy is hoping to restructure its debts of about USD 1.6 billion to foreign banks by 2010. ###
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 Re: Moody's drops Naftogaz Ukrainy's default pr...