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Bookmakers giving better odds on Ukraine reaching EURO 2012 quarter-finals

2012/6/14 11:29:02

The bookmakers say the Group D favorites are France and England


KYIV, June 14, 2012 (UBO) – After the first matches of EURO 2012 the Ukrainian team's chance of progressing to the quarter-finals has grown, the reputable betting firm William Hill said.


After the victory over the Swedish national team, Ukraine's chance of qualifying from Group D has grown by 16% and is estimated at 56% against 40% prior to the start of the championship.


The bookmakers say the Group D favorites are France and England. At present, the chance of the French team has risen to 65%, while England's rate declined to 62%. These teams before the tournament had an equal chance.


Sweden's chance of qualifying from the group stands at 17% (before the tournament - 34%).


Earlier the betting firm predicted that the best chance of winning the championship stand Spain and Germany, followed by the Netherlands, England, France and Italy.


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