Experts: More than UAH 5 Billion for Odesa Portside Plant Doubted

2009/10/2 20:12:18
KYIV, Oct. 2, 2009 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- Experts doubt the possibility of selling the Odesa portside fertilizer factory for more than UAH 5 billion until 2012. "Taking into account the current low p
ices of nitrogen fertilizers and high domestic prices of gas, we find the winning bid of USD 630 million at the ceiling of the economically justified range. Consequently, it would hardly be possible to sell the Odesa portside factory at a price much higher than UAH 5 billion," thinks Peter Keller, senior analyst at the investment company Troika Dialogue Ukraine. Volodymyr Nesterenko, analyst from the investment company BG Capital, shares this opinion. He thinks that the only chance to get money for the factory is to acknowledge results of the tender. "The only real possibility to earn money on this asset in the observable future is to acknowledge results of the tender. If the tender committee's decision is challenged in court, which some of the bidders are inclined to do, it is unlikely to carry through another competition until the litigation is over. Until the plaintiff abandons the idea to obtain this asset, no one will buy it," the analyst said. Dmytro Hordiichuk, head of the agro-industrial complex/chemical industry department at Derzhzovnishinform state information analysis center, is confident they can make USD 1.5 billion on the sale of the Odesa portside factory. "Its price, I suppose, has fallen from USD 2 billion to USD 1.5 billion, if one takes into consideration payback of the capital assets and the market environment. But these USD 1.5 billion are real at best only in 2010-11 when the market would have grown," the expert said. The minimum selling price of the factory is USD 1 billion until 2012, Hordiichuk added hereto. At the same time Nesterenko doubts that the government will sell the enterprise for USD 1 billion in the next three years. "Could the price reach USD 1 billion in the next three years? Hardly could this asset be valued so much, except at a time when the global capital markets were at a peak," he said. Nesterenko rules out world capital growth reaching that sort of peak. The State Property Fund refused to recognize the result of the competition for the sale of the Odesa portside factory after Nortima limited liability Company, said to be a vehicle for the owners of the Privat Group, was declared the winner with an offer of UAH 5 billion. Nortima seems set to commence a court suit to force conclusion of a purchase-and-sale agreement for the factory it believes it acquired. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko accused bidders in the competition of collusion, saying on the day of the sale, "Right now, live in the air the collusion of the three participants was implemented in order to buy the Odesa Portside Factory for a song.” The Odesa portside plant is considered one of the remaining jewels of state property, first because of its importance in providing fertilizers to support Ukraine’s vibrant agricultural economy, and also because its position in the port makes export shipment of its products very convenient. With food security for a burgeoning world population an increasing factor in world food and agricultural economics, the portside plant’s long-term prospects appear to be as bright as ever. With corn production worldwide booming for human food, animal feeds, and bio-fuel production, the portside plant’s role in the production of the most common form of nitrogen fertilizer, granulated urea, becomes even more important. Urea is a nitrogen-containing chemical product which is produced in excess of 140,000,000 tons per year worldwide, of which more than 90 percent of world production is destined for use as a fertilizer. ###
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 Re: Experts: More than UAH 5 Billion for Odesa Portside P...