Kyiv to Remove Petrovsky Statue from Hrushevskoho Street

2009/9/29 16:31:25
KYIV, Sept. 29 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The Kyiv city state administration has endorsed a decision to remove the monument to Grigory Petrovsky, the first Soviet leader of Ukraine that currently sits on
Hrushevskoho Street in the city’s Pecherskyi district. The city administration directed the city’s Restoration and Reconstruction Works municipal company to accomplish the removal. City officials also instructed the action agency to make sure that the monument is safe until a future venue for such removed monuments is established. Moreover, the city administration instructed the Pecherskyi district administration to develop the territory near the monument. In December 2008, four activists of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists damaged the Petrovsky monument. More recently, nationalists attacked and damaged the Lenin statue that has been a prominent city landmark on the city’s main street for decades. Since that time, Communist Party activists have camped at the Lenin statue in an apparent attempt to avoid further damage. In 2008, the Shevchenkivskyi district administration moved forward with an initiative to create a park of the Soviet period and to bring monuments to the figures of the Soviet time to the park. Whether the Lenin statue might eventually be removed to the planned park of Soviet figures is unclear at this time. New photos by Andriy Davis Editor’s Note: Those interested in learning more about Petrovsky are advised to follow the link below:
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resinjam Posted: 2015/10/31 2:30
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