Ukraine Wage Average 4.4% Down in August

2009/9/27 2:25:39
KYIV, Sept. 26 (Ukrainian News) – Ukraine’s State Statistics Committee reported average wages fell in August by 4.4 percent to UAH 1,919 per month in comparison with July. Kyiv City wages remained the
highest in the country at UAH 3,126 per month but that represented a 5.8 percent decline from July. The lowest average wage rate was registered in the Ternopil region at UAH 1,443 per month, a decrease of 4.6 percent compared with July. The year-on-year comparison showed a 2.6 percent average wage increase for August 2009 compared with the same month in August 2008. The July 2009 wage average had previously been reported as rising 1.4 percent to UAH 2,008 per month compared with June. For a breakdown of wages reported by sector, see the table below: August August as % of July Average 1,919 95.6 Agriculture 1,301 93.6 Forestry 1,373 99.5 Fishery 990 97.5 Industry 2,156 99.2 Extracting industry 2,967 100.6 - extracting of energy materials 3,187 100.4 - including pit, brown coal and turf extraction 3,104 98.6 - extracting of non-energy materials 2,410 101.2 Processing industry 1,912 98.8 - food industry and processing of agricultural products 1,826 97.4 - textile industry and fashion industry 1,077 94.9 - production of leather and leather footwear 1,127 98.5 - production of wood and wood articles 1,319 98.7 - pulp and paper industry, publishing activities 2,063 99.7 - production of coke, petroleum products 3,075 100.5 - chemical production 1,999 99.9 - production of rubber and plastic articles 1,701 106.1 - production of other nonmetallic mineral goods 1,769 99.7 - metallurgy and metal processing 2,518 98.1 - production of machines and equipment 1,749 98.5 - production of electrical and electronic equipment 1,702 99.1 - production of transportation equipment 1,777 100.0 - other production 1,288 101.8 Production of electricity, gas and water 2,342 98.6 Construction 1,589 100.2 Trade, repairs of automobiles and household equipment 1,575 98.5 Hotels and restaurants 1,285 99.0 Transport 2,416 98.3 - overland transport 2,151 99.5 - water transport 2,484 101.4 - air transportation 5,739 114.1 - additional transportation services 2,415 100.7 - mail services and communications 2,066 90.0 Financial activity 4,033 90.1 Operations with real estate, leasing and services for legal entities 2,191 96.8 - including researches and design 2,486 96.9 State management 2,739 95.3 Education 1,501 83.8 Medical and social aid 1,333 99.0 Collective, social and personal services 1,796 95.6 - including activity in the sector of recreations and entertainments, culture and sport 1,880 94.9
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 Re: Ukraine Wage Average 4.4% Down in August
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 Re: Ukraine Wage Average 4.4% Down in August