Wage Arrears Escalate 3.9% to UAH 1.6 Billion in August

2009/9/26 21:43:30
KYIV, Sept. 25 (Ukrainian News) – Ukraine’s State Statistics Committee reports that as of September 1, 2009, the volume of unpaid salaries and wages rose by 3.9 percent compared to August 1, 2009, to
AH 1,619.909 million. Wage arrears were most prevalent in Donetsk region, which had arrears amounting to UAH 319.875 million. Other major problems areas included Luhansk region with arrears totaling UAH 126.913 million and Kyiv with UAH 184.296 million. In August, wage arrears paid from state and local budgets fell by 16.5 percent, compared to July, and totaled UAH 19.470 million. Arrears from the state budget totaled UAH 16.115 million while local authority arrears totaled UAH 3.355 million. Arrears on August 1, 2009, decreased by 4.9 percent compared to July 1, 2009, to UAH 1,559.026 million. The table below shows arrears by sector of the economy: As of September 1, 2009, UAH million As % of August 1, 2009 Total 1,619.909 103.9 Agriculture 75.471 106.8 Forestry 5.742 93.2 Fishery 5.260 124.9 Industry 888.205 102.5 - Extracting industry 155.541 92.2 - Processing industry 677.868 104.6 - Production of electricity, gas and water 54.796 110.6 Construction 254.565 105.6 Trade, repairs of cars and household appliances 53.133 100.3 Hotels and restaurants 6.024 112.9 Transport 114.137 102.5 Financial activity 4.847 116.8 Operations with real estate, leasing and legal services 138.147 105.7 - including researches and design 55.248 110.6 State management 1.852 108.5 Education 11.537 78.2 Medical and social aid 8.556 4.2 Collective, social and personal services 52.433 127.2 - including entertainment, culture and sports 15.944 196.1
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oakleysunglasses Posted: 2016/8/8 6:16
 Re: Wage Arrears Escalate 3.9% to UAH 1.6 Billion in August