Akhmetov doubts whether it is worth becoming Parliament deputy in 2012

2011/6/29 12:47:27

Forbes ranking for the previous year, where Akhmetov is leading among eight Ukrainians-billionaires, counted USD 16 billion in his assets

KYIV, June 29, 2011 (UBO) – A deputy from the Party of Regions, wealthiest Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov decides whether it is worth for him to run for the Verkhovna Rada during next Parliamentary elections of 2012, UkrInform reported.


"I have for the first time heard from Rinat Leonidovych that he is seriously thinking about whether it makes sense to become the People's Deputy during next elections. I asked what worries him. And he answered me: I am not going to leave the Party. I will remain a Party member and will occupy an active position, but as concerns the deputy position, I am not sure that it is necessary for me. I have not taken a final decision yet," the Head of state said.


Viktor Yanukovych also denied rumors about threats to Rinat Akhmetov with the fate of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. "Certainly, these are always anecdotes. I treat them with humor," the President noted.


In the Korrespondent magazine's rating of the wealthiest Ukrainians, published in June 2011, Akhmetov ranked first with assets of USD 25.6 billion. Forbes ranking for the previous year, where Akhmetov is leading among eight Ukrainians-billionaires, counted USD 16 billion in his assets. A year earlier, according to Forbes, FC Shakhtar owner of and honorary president of the SCM group had USD 5.2 billion as his assets.

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