Progressive Socialist Party head Vitrenko joins the presidential fray

2009/11/9 20:59:35
KYIV, Nov. 9 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, has submitted her application for registration as a presidential candidate to the Centr
l Electoral Commission (CEC). Vitrenko personally submitted her application to the CEC but it is unclear what action the CEC might take since Vitrenko paid only UAH 1.9 million of the required UAH 2.5 million candidate registration fee. Under its procedures, the CEC should consider the application and make a decision within five days. Vitrenko always a controversial figure Natalia Mikhailivna Vitrenko, born December 28, 1951 in Kyiv, , seems certain, if her late and 600,000 UAH short application is approved, to be one of the more controversial candidates in the presidential race. Loudly and virulently anti-American, anti-Western, anti-NATO and pro-Moscow, Vitrenko has been active in virtually every major anti-Western demonstration in Ukraine in the last two decades. Her party's banner [see photo above] was prominent on Independence Square during President George Bush's visit to Kyiv in 2008. Although she has a reputation as anti-American, she is closely allied with an American radical group led by Lyndon Larouche. Vitrenko has a number of Western targets, but her favorite is the International Monetary Fund, apparently considered by Vitrenko as the Devil in human form. Her outlook on life and politics was almost totally encapsulated in one all-inclusive sentence in a LaRouche publication. “Ever since Ukraine's elite decided to surrender to the IMF in 1992, the situation in Ukraine has worsened to a point that 70 percentage of the working people receive wages at or below the official minimum wage level, that life expectancy is down to 66 years, that 50 percentage of male workers never reach their retirement age, that the population which was 52 million in 1990 and expected to increase to 59 million by 2009, is down to 46 million, with 7 million living and working abroad—a difference of 13 million between the forecast and the present reality, which means that Ukraine lost 25 percentage of its population—which is genocide, pursued by the monetarist institions [sic] and elites of the West which hate mankind, hate human beings anyway.” Even if the CEC approves her quite late and underfinanced registration, Vitrenko’s chances of becoming president are rated as almost non-existent. However, her strident anti-Western rhetoric will, as always, earn her a few headlines along the way to a finish that is likely to draw three percent or less of the overall vote total. To read more about Vitrenko and more of her rhetoric, link below: To view an almost hour-long address by Vitrenko at a LaRouche meeting in Germany [with English-language translation] link below:
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