World Cup promotions come in all colors – including French Bleu

2018/6/14 17:31:59

Everyone has an angle on the World Cup and one of the more colorful originates on fruit farms in France.









From the Fresh Plaza website:


The World Cup has sparked a wide range of promotional ideas and the world of fruits and vegetables has no plans to be left out.  Read on below:


Blueberries in support of French football team


The Football World Cup is the biggest sporting event in France. “Our blueberry season is starting at the same time as the World Cup”, says Jacques Cailleaux, Sales and Sourcing Manager at Fruit Rouges & Co. “So, of course, we had to do something with these blue coloured berries.”


 “ ‘Everyone in blue with Fruits Rouges and Co.’ sounds good, does it not?”, he says. It is the first time this company will be doing a Football World Cup promotion. “You can see a lot of products in the shops related to the French team and its colours.” Fruit Rouges & Co. blueberries will be one of these products.


 “The blueberries will be available in various sizes”, explains Jacques. “There will be 100g shaker packs, and then 125g, 250g, 300g, and 500g punnetts.” This company has been producing and processing all manner of berries in France for 25 years now.


For other fruity ideas, go to the Fresh Plaza site at the link below:


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