Mikhail Babich could replace Surkov as Putin Ukraine adviser, report says

2018/6/1 17:15:39

Babich, pictured here, has been the Plenipotentiary Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation to the Volga Federal District in recent times after having been refused by Ukraine when Putin tried to name him ambassador in 2016.

MOSCOW, June 1, 2018 - Mikhail Babich, a high-ranking Russian official with a KGB background, is a likely candidate to replace Vladislav Surkov as Putin’s key adviser on Ukrainian affairs, Concorde Capital informed its clients today based on a kommersant.ru news site report on May 31, citing anonymous sources. Citing a source in the Presidential Administration, the report said that “Surkov has practically removed himself” from the war in Donbas, having conflicts with officials responsible for counterintelligence in the self-declared Donbas republics.


Babich currently serves as the Russian president’s representative to the Volga Federal District. In June 2016, he was nominated by a Russian Duma committee to become Russian ambassador to Ukraine. The Ukrainian government rejected the nomination in August 2016 after Ukrainian experts reported he is a professional saboteur with FSB experience who would be active in organizing military operations with the pro-Russian fighters in Donbas.


Besides Babich, Putin could select someone from law enforcement, the report said. “That option can be considered a sign that ‘everything is bad on the Ukrainian front’,” the Kommersant article said. Sergey Glazyev, the Russian president’s economic adviser who has also been active on Ukrainian issues, could also resign from the presidential administration.


Concorde analyst Zenon Zawada added: “The evidence is mounting that Surkov’s tenure as the ‘Ukrainian curator’ is coming to an end. Babich’s appointment would mean that Putin will remain on his current foreign policy course regarding Ukraine. Rather than mentioning a possible appeaser, the report mentions only another hardline candidate as a possibility, from the law enforcement field. So Putin will only remain on his current course of low-level military aggression in Ukraine, or intensify it, as we have been consistently telling our clients. Compromise with the West is not an option.




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