Femen expands efforts to go worldwide with Cosby trial demonstration

2018/4/10 0:59:55

The Ukraine-born women’s group continues to use its effective tool of topless female bodies to impact on social issues The latest target was the trial of famous Afro-American actor Bill Cosby who is facing multiple charges of sexual misconduct with women. A court in Norristown, New Jersey is rehearing a case that was earlier declared a mistrial


NORRISTOWN, New Jersey. Apr 9, 2018 – Police escorting Afro-American Bill Cosby and his defense team into a Norristown, New Jersey courtroom earlier today suddenly found themselves confronting a female protester naked from the waist up. Her body was covered with writing related to her protest with notations on her arms identifying her as a representative of Femen, the women’s rights organization that originated in Kyiv over a decade ago.


The woman, later identified in a New York Daily News article as Nicole Rochelle was quoted as saying “The main goal was to make Cosby uncomfortable, because that is exactly what he has been doing for decades to women.”


The event was similar to many others over the years as Femen members in Ukraine and other parts of Europe mounted surprise attacks with partially clothed members accosting famous figures. Many of the Femen topless confrontations were directed toward religious leaders because of church rules that prohibited women from advancing above lower levels in the hierarchy.


In an interview almost 10 years ago, Femen leaders in Kyiv who founded the organization told UBO that their plan was “to become the biggest and the most influential feminist movement in Europe.” That effort appears to be ongoing.


Access the complete text, photos and a related video by the New York Daily News at the link below:

http://www.nydailynews.com/news/natio ... CSPMedition&cid=bitly


Editor’s Note: It is possible to access 40 articles over the last years about Femen activities in Ukraine and around the world by inserting the word “Femen” in the search mechanism in the left column of our main page.

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