Russian Analytical Digest No 214: The Armed Conflict in Eastern Ukraine

2018/3/23 12:53:39

Three well-known analysts look at the possible future for Russia’s puppet states in eastern Ukraine










19 Mar 2018


By Nikolaus von Twickel, Gwendolyn Sasse and Mario Baumann for Center for Security Studies (CSS)


The three articles in this edition of the RAD look at 1) the “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, arguing that though they may be best described as Russian puppet states, Moscow’s denial of formal ties to these entities makes a comprehensive analysis difficult; 2) the attitudes and identities of the Donbass region’s population, including both the Russian and Ukrainian controlled areas; and 3) key factors driving the recurrence of violence in eastern Ukraine and the potential for peacekeeping efforts to address them.


The four articles featured here were originally published by the Center for Security Studies (CSS) in the Russian Analytical Digest on 28 February 2018.


Russia and the “People’s Republics” in Eastern Ukraine


By Nikolaus von Twickel




The “people’s republics” that appeared in eastern Ukraine in 2014 are often described as separatist, pro-Russian or even Russian-occupied. Their real status is probably best described as puppet states, a well-known phenomenon in the post-Soviet space. However, as long as Moscow continues to deny any direct involvement, its relations with the de-facto authorities in Donetsk and Luhansk can only be highly informal. While there is plenty of evidence describing heavy Russian influence, any comprehensive analysis of Moscow’s role is limited by the lack of official confirmation.


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