A Fraud: Venezuela’s National Assembly Declares Petro Unconstitutional

2018/3/7 15:49:04

“This deepens the crisis that we are living in. The PTR is another [example] of corruption, and we will come out of this crisis with measures that we have announced from this Parliament,” said Rafael Guzmán, president of the body’s finance committee.

From CCN, Mar 7, 2018


Venezuela’s Assemblea Nacional [National Assembly] recently declared it believes the country’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro (PTR) is unconstitutional. Through a public statement, the lawmakers denounced the cryptocurrency as a fraud, and a threat to those who invest in it.


In the public statement, the lawmakers criticized the cryptocurrency’s token sale in general, which reportedly already raised $735 million. To the country’s National Assembly, the Petro is merely a symptom of the country’s ongoing political crisis.


The lawmakers criticized the government’s “forced demand” for the cryptocurrency, as it was planning on forcing business and retirement accounts to accept the cryptocurrency. Rafael Guzmán, president of the body’s finance committee, claimed the Petro is way for the government to embezzle funds.



https://www.ccn.com/venezuelas-nationa ... s-petro-unconstitutional/


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