Kremlin dismiss Rodchenkov death threat accusations as pure lies

2018/2/13 13:41:00

In response to the interview, broadcast on the American network, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it portrayed a man "with emotional if not mental problems". 






By Liam Morgan for Inside the Games,Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Grigory Rodchenkov has claimed doping is rife in more than 20 countries as the Kremlin again dismissed the whistleblower's accusation that Vladimir Putin wants to end his life as "pure lies".


Rodchenkov, former head of the Moscow Laboratory, made the claim during his first televised interview since he fled the country after blowing the whistle on the country's doping scheme.


Speaking on CBS60 Minutes show, Rodchenkov repeated his insistence that the Russian President wanted to "silence him".


The whistleblower has consistently said he fears for his life after fleeing Russia to seek asylum in the United States.


Rodchenkov was disguised for the televised interview to protect his identity.


"There is information that my life is in jeopardy and we took all necessary steps," he said.


When asked how many Olympic nations were doping, Rodchenkov said "20 plus" and insisted he was sure when pressed further.


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