The Daily Vertical: Making The Fake Appear Real

2018/2/5 23:55:23

No one for a second thinks that things in the upcoming Russian presidential election might get out of hand and someone other than Vladimir Putin might have one chance in a million of becoming president. However, the reins on candidates have been loosened to the point that one well-known perennial candidate is calling for giving Crimea back to its rightful owner and for good measure halting armed aggression in the Donbas. Another candidate has decided that her best campaign tool is a promise to legalize the use of marijuana. The show will go on – at least through election day – and then Russians will go back to watching the same old television shows that are slightly better-scripted than the game of charades that passes for free elections in Russia.


For Brian Whitmore’s take on the situation, link below: ... -real-putin/29019229.html


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