Ukraine: Toddler is killed when 'suicidal' man falls from eighth floor window

2018/1/3 12:40:05
  • Boy, 21 months old, died after 39-year-old man landed on him in Ukraine
  • The man had jumped or fallen out of a window on the eight floor
  • Both the toddler and the jumper died at the scene  



A 21-month-old child died when a man who had allegedly jumped out of an eighth floor window landed on him in Ukraine.


The boy's father witnessed the moment when a 39-year-old man landed on his son, in Zaporizhia, southeastern Ukraine.


Both the toddler and the man died at the scene despite desperate efforts by paramedics to revive them


Local police reported that the man had jumped to commit suicide.


The boy's mother Anna Polishchuk, was reportedly saying goodbye to her parents after a New Year family celebration and only came outside a few minutes after her son was hit.


By then an ambulance had arrived and paramedics were frantically trying to save the 'crumpled' child.


Neighbor Sergey Borisov said: 'I heard a loud thump and then the boy's mother rushed out.


'She ran to the ambulance where paramedics were seeking to save the child, and understood everything instantly.


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