Ukraine needs to be more like Poland

2018/1/1 14:53:44

You may not agree with blogger David Archibald but he makes some interesting points
















By David Archibald in the American Thinker blog:


There was a saying in the Soviet Union: "If you are not stealing from the government, you are stealing from your own family."  That was the problem with a lack of morality.  The government responded by having guards on everything.  Even relatively immovable objects such as bridges had guard posts on them.  The thieving and its countermeasures were a great drain on the economy.  The communist countries weren't taught the Eighth Commandment and the Golden Rule.  Then communism fell apart in 1990, and the former eastern bloc countries were left with shrunken economies and still no morality.




Russia is now gnawing away at Ukraine's eastern provinces.  Ukraine would be better able to defend itself, and give its people more to believe in, if it were less corrupt – if it were more like Poland.


David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare.


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