Ukraine: People co-infected with HIV to receive hepatitis C treatment in Mykolayiv region

2017/12/1 23:15:07

Photo: “Mark Walsh, head of mission for MSF in Ukraine officially opening MSF’s project with Ivan Dudla, medical specialist from the regional health authorities in Mykolayiv.”


From MSF, Dec 1, 2017 – World AIDS Day


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has begun treatment for hepatitis C with people who are co-infected with hepatitis C and HIV in Mykolayiv region, in southern Ukraine, where prevalence of HIV is two times higher than the average across the country.


People living with HIV are extremely vulnerable to contracting the hepatitis C virus, which is the fifth leading cause of death of people living with HIV in Europe.


In a joint effort with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Mykolayiv Regional Centre of Palliative Care and Integrated Services, 750 people living with HIV and hepatitis C, who are under antiretroviral therapy, will receive free effective treatment provided by MSF for chronic hepatitis C, using the medications sofosbuvir and daclatasvir. A further 250 people, consisting of those who formerly injected drugs and are on opioid substitution therapy, or are healthcare workers infected with hepatitis C, will also receive treatment.


MSF medical activity manager in Mykolayiv


Dr Marcelo C. M. Naveira, said: “There will be no true progress in the public health response to HIV/AIDS if hepatitis C-related deaths continue to affect people living with HIV.


“Stigma and discrimination directed at people who are co-infected must also be tackled. This project is meant to not only provide treatment for hepatitis C for people living with HIV, but also to improve access to medicines, and education and support for both diseases in Ukraine.”


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