Saudi Arabia and Israel setting preconditions for war against Hezbollah, Iran

2017/11/13 20:18:30

Lacking a clear strategy for their involvement in the Middle East, Washington is forced to play second fiddle to its “allies”. Trump’s administration’s bold claims against the 2015 Iran nuclear accords and Iran in general only stir up the anti-Iranian block in the region. The conflict is developing in its own way, with the conflicting sides immersed so deep that it proves more and more difficult for them to stop even if they wanted to. 



From South Front, Nov 13, 2017


The crisis in the Middle East and in Saudi Arabia in particular leads to further escalation in the region. Anticipating the collapse of ISIS, the participants in the conflict act with intensity.


Since our October 8 report on the issue entitled “The Saudi Purge: The Middle East Is On The Verge Of New War“, the situation has deteriorated further in the region.


In Saudi Arabia, the purge continues. The Middle East Eye reports that senior Saudi figures were tortured and beaten in the purge under the banner of an anti-corruption movement, conducted by current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He has overseen arrests of hundreds of people, including senior royals, ministers and tycoons, with some of them reportedly being tortured so badly during their arrest or subsequent interrogations that they required hospital treatment. Even Prince Bandar bin Sultan — Saudi Arabia’s most famous arms dealer, longtime former ambassador to the US, and recent head of Saudi intelligence — was reported to be among those detained as part of the purge. If confirmed, this will be the most significant and high profile case of this purge, even above that of high profile billionaire investor Prince AL Waleed Bin Talal, considering Bandar’s closeness to multiple US administrations.


This comes amidst rumors that King Salman was set to make his son king. Speculation peaked when Al-Arabiya tweeted, then quickly deleted, details of the allegedly imminent Mohammed bin Salman’s ascension ceremony. The transfer of power from the King to the Prince would be merely a formality at this point, as Prince Mohammed already plays a key role in decision making at almost all levers of government.


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