NY Times article suggests Ukrainian role in North Korean missile successes

2017/9/29 10:15:48

It seems a bit far-fetched but an article in the New York Times raises the possibility that Ukraine’s Yuzmash missile plant may have been an important building block in North Korea’s program to build ICBMs that could threaten the United States.






NEW YORK, Sep 29, 2017 (UBO)  A New York Times article by Andrew Higgins concerning spies held by Ukraine raises the possibility that some of North Korea’s success in building an ICBM capable of delivering nuclear bombs on the United States could be traced to Ukraine’s Yuzmash missile plant at Dnipro.


The article says in part:


Seeking to explain North Korea’s mysterious success, some experts have pointed a finger at Ukraine, particularly the Yuzhmash rocket factory and its Yuzhnoye design bureau in Dnipro, the town where Mr. Ri and Mr. Ryu were arrested.


Ukraine has adamantly denied allowing leaks of missile technology, pointing to the arrest and conviction of the two spies as proof that the country is capable of combating North Koreans hunting for missile secrets. Ukrainian rockets mostly date to Soviet times but are still far more advanced than anything Pyongyang had until recently been able to produce.


Oleksandr Turchynov, the head of Ukraine’s security and defense council, said it was “completely impossible” that North Korea obtained either missile engines or their design documents from Ukraine.


The RD-250, a Soviet-era rocket engine that some experts say resembles engines used in recent North Korean launches, used to be produced in Dnipro, Mr. Turchynov said, but production stopped in 1991. The entire production line, he said, was dismantled in 1994. Moreover, he added, Ukraine never made whole engines but only supplied parts to the RD-250’s main manufacturer, Energomash, in Russia.


Access the complete article at the link below:

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/28/wor ... rea-ukraine-missiles.html

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