“Ukrainian radio” will have to reduce broadcasting all across Ukraine due to budget cuts

2017/9/20 21:19:12

“National public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine” sees the situation with insufficient financing of the company as a method to manually control the broadcaster on the eve of the election campaign.


From the Institute of Mass Media, Sep 19, 2017


 “Ukrainian radio” (“National public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine”) will be forced to reduce its broadcasting all around Ukraine, and also in Crimea and in Donbas. This was reported by the radio’s general producer Dmytro Khorkin, as the website of “Ukrainian radio” reported.


“Budget cuts of the public radio can undermine the broadcasting for the occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea. Yes, we will not be able to pay for energy-intensive medium wave transmitters and to provide unbiased Ukrainian news and comments for the citizens who live in the occupation. Due to lack of financing, we will also have to reduce our overall nation-wide broadcasting. This means that the government deprives the taxpayers of the right to listen to the public radio that they support”, Khorkin commented.



http://imi.org.ua/en/news/ukrainian-r ... t-cuts-by-the-government/



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