The Daily Vertical: Putin Plays Peacekeeper Games

2017/9/6 15:02:10

In most civilized countries, there are laws against what is generally referred to as “bait and switch” merchandising, i.e. a situation in which the seller makes you an offer and when the goods are delivered they are found to be considerably less than what was offered. Vladimir Putin is a long-time practitioner of the “bait and switch” game and he’s at it again. In this case Putin has agreed that Ukraine’s demand for UN peacekeepers in the Donbas conflict is a good idea that he is ready to support. What Putin does not broadcast is that his version would have peacekeepers limited to policing areas where there is conflict and not on the borders that according to international law – and a treaty agreed to and ignored by Russia - determine the sovereign territory of Ukraine. 


Brian Whitmore has more on the latest Putin “bait and switch” plan in the Daily Vertical podcast, link below: ... eeper-games/28719959.html


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