The almost forgotten British foundation of Donetsk

2017/7/31 11:08:16

Photo: John James Hughes (1814–1889), founder of the ironworks in Donetsk


















From BBC, Radio 3:


In the bombed out shell that so much of Donetsk has become, it is easy to forget that the metalworking that was the centerpiece of the region’s development was pioneered by Welch-born John James Hughes. Wikipedia describes him as follows:


John James Hughes (1814 – June 1889) was a Welsh engineer, businessman and founder of the city of Donetsk. The village was originally named Yuzovka or Hughesovka (Ukrainian: Юзівка, Russian: Юзовка) after Hughes, ("Yuz" being a Russian and Ukrainian approximation of Hughes), becoming a town in May 1917, which later, in 1924 it was renamed to Stalino (Ukrainian: Сталіно, Russian: Сталино), in 1961 the name was changed to Donetsk.


Access the Wikipedia listing for Hughes at the link below:


Access a BBC News “Free Thinking” podcast by Victoria Donovan on early Donetsk developments at:

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