Ukrainian Defense Minister tells DW Minsk agreement 'only alternative' for Donbas

2017/5/17 0:12:13

Despite the many starts and stops of the Minsk agreement, Poltorak told DW it "is the only alternative to fighting Russia."








By Deutsche Welle, May 16, 2017


In an interview with DW on Tuesday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said his discussions with German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen focused on the ways "practical levels" of cooperation between the two countries could be increased.


Ukraine has been involved in a conflict with Russian-backed separatists for over two years in the eastern Ukrainian region known as Donbas. A number of Ukraine's allies, including Germany and the larger NATO alliance, have tried various diplomatic efforts to end the conflict.


That includes the Minsk agreement – a ceasefire agreement brokered by Germany and France between the separatists and Ukraine that has been on the table for two years.




*When you access the full text of the article, you will be able to view a video of an interview with Poltarok.


Video courtesy DW; photo courtesy Ukraine Ministry of Defense

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