Popularity of sushi has brought rise in parasitic infections, warn doctors

2017/5/12 17:34:07

Doctors have highlighted the need for awareness of anisakiasis, caused by the larvae of a worm found in contaminated undercooked or raw fish or seafood.


By Nicola Davis for The Guardian, May 12, 2017


From nigiri to temaki, sushi has boomed in popularity in the west, but now doctors are warning of a less appetising trend a rise in parasitic infections.


A team of doctors from Portugal raised concerns after a 32-year old man was admitted to hospital complaining of pain in his abdomen just below his ribs, vomiting and had a slight fever, all of which had lasted for a week.


An endoscopy soon revealed the culprit the larvae of a type of parasitic worm from the genus Anisakis. The doctors note that the condition, known as anisakiasis, is caused by eating undercooked or raw fish or seafood that has been contaminated indeed, questioning of the patient revealed that he had recently eaten sushi.




The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes, “The treatment for anisakiasis may require removal of the worm from the body by endoscopy or surgery.”




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